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God is Faithful

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Dear Co-laborers,

As the same for many of you, March has thrown some unexpected curveballs. The virus has left many scared, worried, and out-of-sorts; but we are thankful for a faithful God that is not surprised by circumstance and is always there with us in times of uncertainty. He has given us a safe place to harbor while we ride out this storm, and blessed us with some needed rest.

The fund raising side, unfortunately, has taken a hit. All of our meetings for March and April have been cancelled. This was discouraging news to hear, but we praise God that we haven’t lost any supporters yet, and are safe. Pray with us that we can get it all back on line soon.

All this does not mean our ministry has not stopped! We have have been contacted by many of our church members in Peru, as well as reached out to many ourselves. Peru is in complete country lock down. They have implemented martial law with a curfew from 6pm-5am. All businesses, schools, and events that are non essential have been canceled until after April 12th. No one is allowed on the streets unless they are going to the grocery store, bank, hospital or pharamacy. Many have been fined or put in jail for not obeying the new martial law. Though this effort is great for not spreading the virus, many people have suffered from the lack of work.

Many of our church members live off their daily wages to provided for their family. The lack of work has caused many to go without. In response to this, the government has offered a financial “bono” (stipend of about $100 per family) to help many buy needed supplies. Medical facilities are turning away every patient, unless they have a fever or cough. No personal cars are allowed on the streets unless it’s an authorized taxi. In response to all this, we have been able to answer questions, give encouragement, do Bible studies, and connect people with medically trained nurses to answer medical questions that are not currently being answered. We pray the Lord gives us more opportunities to help in the following weeks as things progress.

The Lord has also used this time for healing. Patrick was able to have his dental work finished. Praise God! Patrick also has found a doctor who is willing to help him with his digestive issues that have hounded him for years, along with a few other health issues. His blood work revealed some things and we may have a treatment plan. Please pray with us that these issues go away with treatment and this is the answer to our prayers.

Please feel free to contact us via email or through our Facebook page at “Pruetts in Peru” or our newest addition, Instagram. Most importantly, we are thankful for your support. We cannot do what God has asked us to do without you. Thank you!!

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