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God's Goodness in Mbira

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Psalms 34:8

O taste and see that the Lord is good:  blessed is the man that trusteth in Him.

God truly is good, and we are blessed to see His goodness here in Mbira.

We are working on making an official church constitution and membership roll.  One of the major problems we’re facing is couples that have gotten saved after they were already living together and had started families.  We’ve had some great conversations at Bible College regarding God’s way and how to make it right.  We have four couples who are working through the details, mainly with the bride’s family regarding the bride price.  This can be very expensive, not including all the costs of the actual ceremony.  We plan to do a wedding ceremony for all of them after they “bring the cow” to the bride’s family and get all the details worked out. We want to help keep their costs down by eliminating the ceremony costs.  We’re praying that God will provide for the rest of their expenses.

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In working out all these details, we went to meet with the future husband of one of these ladies that has been coming to church.  We were told he was Muslim, and we weren’t sure how he was going to react.  What a thrill when he testified that he wants to get saved!  He says he used to go out drinking, but has stopped since seeing the change in his future wife since she got saved. 

telman oct 18 1We had a time of prayer last week for our S4 and P7 classes as they face their big exams.  S4 started last week, and theirs is many tests over several weeks.  P7 will have their exam at the beginning of November.  Please pray for these classes to be calm, remember what they’ve studied, to be healthy for their tests, and especially for God to be glorified.

Jim was able to make a temporary baptismal so we can baptize here rather than having to drive everyone to the lake.  We also plan to take it to one of the preaching points where a young man in our church has led many to the Lord who are now ready to be baptized.  We’ve had several get saved here recently and get baptized in the last month.  It’s been exciting to see the Lord working on our security guard, whom we call Afande.

telman oct 18 3Since he gave his life to Christ, there’s a new joy in his face, and you can see how hungry he is to learn more and more.  He testified Sunday that he’s been holding onto some of his witchcraft charms.  God has been convicting him as he continues to learn, and he went home and burned them all last week.  About 10 of our youngest girls have also gotten saved, and one of our older girls has stepped up to disciple them.  One of the thoughts that has always excited us was that of the kids here growing to be servants for God.  It’s beyond exciting to see it happening already!

Please continue to pray for Maama Leighton.  She had a close call recently on her way home.  There were some children in the road, so she swerved to miss them.  Fortunately she hit a tree stump because there was a steep hill just past the stump, and things could’ve been much worse.  Her vehicle had some major damage, but we were so thankful God protected her!  She’s had a couple other scares in the last year with brakes going out in a heavy traffic area in Kampala and an accident on a motorcycle taxi.  Praise the Lord He has protected her every time and brought her back to her family and the ministry.

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Thank you for taking part in all that God is doing here in Uganda.  What a day that will be when you’ll be able to look around Heaven and see the people who are there because you prayed and gave!

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