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Good News from a Far Country

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GOOD NEWS FROM A FAR COUNTRY! Proverbs 25:25 says, “As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.” This morning (just minutes ago), using WhatsApp on my phone, I was able to preach to people in Blackwater. Now, if you don’t know where Blackwater is, don’t bother looking on a map, it isn’t there! Blackwater, according to my calculations, is about 2,031 miles from where I am in St. Pete Beach, Florida. Pastor Norbert gathered a group of people together, held up his phone, and gave me the privilege of delivering the word of God to a “far country.” After preaching I gave an invitation for people to trust Christ. Two young men raised their hands to indicate that they were interested. Still using the phone and WhatsApp I led these young men to Christ! Following the invitation Norbert carried the phone around and which allowed me to pray over those who had special needs and requests. It was such a joy to pray with people and see the smiles on their faces and their hands wiping away tears of gratitude. I didn’t want to get off the phone – the people smiled and waved. Norbert said, “They don’t want you to go.” My heart is just so full right now – I don’t know a better way to share how I feel. If God wills, I am content spending the rest of my life being a “water boy for Jesus,” bringing the cold and refreshing waters of the gospel to thirsty souls in a far country.

Mann may 20 To the left (I know the image is not so clear) you can see a “screen shot” of me preaching this morning to the people in Blackwater. The young man in the white shirt standing is one of the young men who gave their heart to Jesus!

VIRTUAL VISITATION! On several occasions over the past few weeks I have been able to go on “virtual visitation.” Norbert carries his phone with him as he visits homes in the villages. He will call me and allow me to give a word of encouragement to the people and pray God’s blessings over their home and family. As an example, yesterday I prayed with Kenneth as he struggles with two teenage sons who have turned their back on God. I prayed with Salomi, as she is recently widowed. She is young, on her own, struggling to raise three sons on her own. Not long ago I prayed with Ohmo as he is returning to the Lord after some years wandering from God. These virtual visits have been deeply impactful. I can hear it in their voices and see it in their faces. I cannot tell you of a people I love any more in all the world than the Amerindian people God has given us in Guyana.

We are so grateful for your prayers and continued support – believe me, we are praying for you!
Greg & Wendy Mann
Guyana, South America

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