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MINISTRY LAND: In my last update I mentioned how God has blessed us with a beautiful piece of property in the center of our current ministry outreach. Our churches are spread over about 120 miles and this location will put us within easy reach of each of them, as well as primed to launch into new areas. I also mentioned the work that will need to take place to get the property ready for development for our ministry training center and hub of operations. Our support level has increased enough so that I can put a part-time crew on the property each week to get the work moving forward. I hope to be in a position with land improvements and funding to begin building this fall. 

PARTNERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Since September of last year I have spoken in churches from Oregon to New Jersey, Alabama to North Carolina and many other places along the way. Currently our funding is looking healthier all the time. As funding increases, we are able to make progress in Guyana. I mentioned the work on the land that is now underway. We are also having a ministry boat made that will carry more than 30 people at one time, funding two new outreaches that are showing progress, and putting back some resources for equipment and building needs coming up this fall.  Thank you to all the faithful individuals and churches that have joined our team.

MAKING DISCIPLES: Our focus in making disciples who make disciples. I am eager to get to the field to launch our TTI training center and realize growth as we have never seen before. In the mean time our faithful leaders are working hard each week to gather new people in. One pastor I spoke to this past week said that he is being asked almost daily now to come to homes to share the Word. Since January he has had two baptism services, baptizing 15 new believers at each – 30 new converts baptized since January 1! Recently a bar owner closed down his bar on a Sunday night and invited one of our pastors to preach the word at his place! Many unchurched were present, among those attending was the Regional Chairman (local governor), to hear the Word preached by a faithful man of God.

UPCOMING EVENTS: I am preparing myself now for a trip to Guyana in May. On this trip I will be devoting several days to pastoral training during the day and conducting 2 separate evangelistic crusades at night. Additionally, I am working with my team to prepare for a major push in Guyana during the month of July. More on that later, but for now I will be working with Trinity college students to be sure they can lead people to Christ, guide a small group, and mentor local people their own age. This trip will be life changing for these young adults from the U.S.. On a final note, would you pray with me now that we can get to the field by early 2020?

We are blessed to have your encouragement and support!


Greg and Wendy Mann

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