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Grace Ministry of Guyana - June 2017

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To Our Beloved Ministry Partners,

     I am sending this mid-year update for those who may not have received our first quarter news.  As always I am grateful for those who partner with us through prayer and/or financial support.  Nothing of any value has ever been done for Christ that was not first bathed in prayer!

     God has opened a number of doors over the past few years for me to do ministry in places like Nicaragua, Egypt, Canada, the Middle East, and many other locations around the world.  In January a new door opened for me in India through the ministry of the Timothy Initiative.  It was an amazing opportunity to preach and teach the Word of God in many churches and a pastoral training center.  God blessed with people receiving Christ as Savior and many encouraged and strengthened in their walk.  The Timothy Initiative has developed a very impressive and successful discipleship model that may have future implications for our ministry in Guyana.

     While the doors of ministry opportunity continue to open up in Guyana we are facing an ever decreasing financial support base.  In late 2016 and early 2017 we were confronted with some real stark financial realities.  Ministry efforts were severely affected.  In the hour of great need God touched the heart of a business owner from Northeast Florida to meet some of the most pressing needs.  Over the past few years the ministry in Guyana has been bolstered by the incredible generosity of this one business owner.  This man will remain anonymous for now but one day in heaven these “good deeds” will be shouted from the house tops!

     Our pastors in Guyana have been making a greater effort to come together to help one another out in their respective ministries.  As a result, I am happy to report a number of evangelistic crusades have been conducted over the first half of this year with many coming to Christ and being added to the churches!

     In May I led a team of Trinity college students to Guyana for the 8th consecutive year.  These trips have led to students serving later in places like Uganda, Togo, Thailand, Guyana, Cambodia, and many other needy areas.  This year I am thrilled to report more than 30 people receiving Christ as a result of outreach efforts in the public schools and local churches!  In one church service alone, Heritage Baptist in Hobadiah, I saw 15 adults come to faith in Christ!

     In June God opened a door of ministry opportunity for me to speak at the Northeast Caribbean Leadership Conference that was held in St. Maarten.  Hundreds came from all over the islands.  Dr. Tony Evans was the keynote speaker in this wonderful church leadership conference.  I am so grateful to God for these opportunities to influence church leaders.  My prayer is that my influence might lead to a broader vision and more people having access to the gospel!

     Regarding influence, I am recognizing that I am at a stage in life where God has given me ministry experience and a measure of success that must be shared with others.  In light of that, I am enjoying being used as a mentor to many young men in the ministry.  As a young man I did not have a mentor in my life.  Many of the ministry bumps and bruises that I have experienced have been a result of growing without a mentor.  Because of my own experience I consider my role in the lives of young pastors and missionaries to be a critical piece in building a God-honoring legacy.  Would I be amiss to ask you, “Who are you mentoring at the moment?”

     Please pray for:

  1. The ministry leaders in Guyana.
  2. Workers for the harvest.
  3. Changes that must take place in our church planting strategy.

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