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Greetings from Barreiras!

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We want to take the time to thank you all for your continued prayers and support for our family and ministry. We know that you all sacrifice to help us work for the Kingdom of the Lord here in Brazil. And your support and encouragement is obvious to us all. We hope that you enjoy this update. And we hope that you praise the Lord for His work in Barreiras. 

Pastor Appreciation Day

I was surprised by our church last Sunday. I started suspecting something when everyone showed up to church wearing white. They all dressed in white to represent that they are the sheep of the flock. There were special presentations of kind words, singing, poems, and pictures to celebrate Pastor's Day. My oldest son, Troy, even spoke about being "a pastor's son" which blessed me most of all. 

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After the service the ladies had a delicious meal prepared and we all enjoyed fellowship together. This picture represents lovely people who have been saved and who work together with joy for the sake of the Gospel. It also represents unsaved people who are coming regularly and learning more and more about the Gospel. We believe that they will soon believe the Gospel. We love how God chooses to work here! 


This has become one of my favorite pictures of ministry. It's from Sunday night's dinner for pastor appreciation day. In the top left corner, Jailson is serving drinks to my family. He is a servant! He's also unsaved. His wife and children recently joined our church and have been praying for his salvation for years. They told me he's never enjoyed visiting church with them before. He hardly misses a Sunday now. Please pray for him as God does a work in his heart - teaching and softening - and bringing him to faith in Christ. 

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College & Young Adults

Our college and young adult ministry participated in a conference a couple of weeks ago. They were challenged with the theme: "Influenced or Influencing?" They all benefited greatly from the spiritual nourishment during the week.  

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Mother's Day Service

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We enjoyed special presentations from the children and others on Mother's Day. We had a great group of mothers present to hear the preaching of the Word and each was presented with a gift. The two precious little girls on the front row stole the show. Lívia, our daughter, and Cecília, are best of friends. Their joy and love for each other leaves our whole church smiling. It's a sight to them them hugging and talking to one another on Sundays. 

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Something we always enjoy is dedicating newborns to the Lord. This mother, a member of our church, has had her second child. She presented her daughter, Lana, to the Lord. Her husband who is Catholic was present. Please pray for Juliana as she tries her hardest to raise her children in the ways of the Lord while also trying to win her husband to Christ. We have had many opportunities for Jefferson to hear the Gospel. Pray for God's work in his heart to bring him to faith in Christ as the one and only Savior. 

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We have finished the wall around the property! We're now working on the sidewalk and have plans ready to dig and pour the foundation for the building. This should begin in a couple of weeks. We have been preparing official plans and necessary documents to present to the city's infrastructure committee that will approve our building permit. It has been more than we imagined, but everything is going smoothly so far. Please continue to pray for and consider supporting the Barreiras Project! We will need approximately $55,000.00 to pour the foundation and put up the structure to be able to hold services there. We already have enough for the foundation and ask that you consider giving so that construction doesn't stop. We're taking it step by step and phase by phase. The Lord has been providing! As each phase completes we are able to continue on to the next. A huge THANK YOU to those who have given sacrificially and believed in the ministry here. All of us at the Igreja Batista Caminho do Rei are grateful for your help! May God be praised! 

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