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Greetings from Barreiras!

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“O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: because his mercy endureth forever.” (Psalm 118:1

Celebrating 50 Years

In the month of June our family had the opportunity to travel to the USA for a special time with our families. Melissa’s parents celebrate 50 years of marriage this year! So her siblings planned a family gathering in Orlando to be able to celebrate together. We were able to visit with Josh’s parents for a couple of weeks and then spend the next couple of weeks with Melissa’s parents, including the big family reunion in Orlando to celebrate together. We had a great time. The more we are away from family, the more we value the time we have with them. We are grateful for the memories made during those days.

Theology Course

As you may remember from our last letter, we had several church members interested in a theology module. This desire became a reality in July! Even though storms caused the missionary’s flights to be cancelled and we had to postpone the module for one week, we had an overwhelming response. Twenty-two people participated. It was more than we ever imagined. And to be honest, we thought that the numbers would dwindle over the course of the two-week module. But they did not. The students were committed and faithful. There were even a couple of visitors who participated.

Our module was on Soteriology, the doctrine of salvation. We dove in deep and learned a lot. And probably best of all was how we were all edified in our faith and grew in thankfulness to our God for providing so great a salvation to us by grace, through faith. As we ended the module, we began to make plans for the next one.

Thankfully, missionary Jay Aarseth will be back with us in March 2022 for our second module! This time we will study Pneumatology, the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. Everyone in the church has high anticipation for it. We thank the Lord for this opportunity to study His Word and learn more.

(Pictured below is our theology module class)

Daniels Theology Class

Missions at the Farm

We were also able to have another evangelistic service at the farm in August. We had a great reception and as always they were asking us to come back. We will be having another service there on September 25-26. The church raised money for Bibles to take to the farm. All of those in attendance last time asked for a Bible. So this time we will be able to take them their very own copy of God’s Word! Please pray for this outreach. Pray for salvation decisions. It is a wide open mission field. We are planting the seeds of the Gospel and asking God to bring forth fruit and eventually plant a church there. That’s our vision and hope for the future!

One of the men out at the farm is very receptive of us. He and his wife open their home to us. They help prepare coffee, breakfast, etc. for us all. And yet they are not Christians. In fact, this man’s daughter, Flávia, who lives in our town and now attends our church, recently talked to Melissa about her parents. She said, “Melissa, it’s only God working in his life to receive you all into his home like that. He was furious when I became a Christian and I didn’t even tell him I was baptized. I can’t believe he likes you all so much. It’s only God at work.” Well, we know that it is truly God at work. But it was a very sober reminder to us to hear her tell us that. Just to know that someone has been against Christianity and against his own children going to church and even making the decision to become a Christian (as an adult) is proof that God works in ways that we could never understand. Please pray for Osflávio to open his heart to receive the Lord Jesus Christ.

Teen camp

We held a weekend teens camp in the month of August. Fortunately we were able to experience some chilly weather! Usually the end of August is already hot but we were blessed with what seemed to be the last few days of cool weather. This always makes camping a fun experience!

Our theme was “Be Light” and we talked about how God has given us light to shine in the darkness - Jesus - and that we are to be light in this world as a testimony for the Lord. This year I was able to split the teaching responsibility with the teen Sunday school teacher, George. He did a fantastic job and really relates well with the young people. We praise the Lord for raising up servants and leaders to help carry out the ministry here.

(Below is a picture of teen camp)

Daniels Teen Camp

We want to thank you for your continued prayers and support! We praise the Lord for continued growth at church. We have had quite a few visitors and are busy following up with them. Many are unsaved and/or unchurched. They’re interested in learning more and continue to come and hear the Word preached. Thank you for helping us make that happen.


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