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Greetings from France

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Dear friends and supporters,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ who shed his blood on the cross for the salvation of all who will by faith trust in Him. We pray that the lost will hear this message.

In July, we had 6 of our 7 grandkids here, a few at a time. Took them to the beach, did some tourism with them and tried to make things fun for them. We enjoyed having them, but were worn out by the end of the month. Grandkids keep us young. Then in August, we spent a week at a Bible family camp. A time of rest while having good fellowship with some brothers and sisters in Christ.

At the beginning of the summer, the car that belongs to the church here, did not pass inspection, so with the agreement of the church members, we junked it and bought another used car (we always buy old cars).  Then at the end of July, our own car did not pass the inspection either and the first estimate was well over $1000 to fix it.  We thought that we were going to need to junk it too, but we found another garage that fixed it for about $750.  The Lord does provide and we thank Him.

Please pray for our friends with whom we have a contact and share the gospel.  Pray that they may understand the message and believe.  Mrs Piers, Sandrine, Olivier, Nicole, Jean-Michel, Jean-Guy, Laurence, Vanessa, Jonathan, Jean-Claude and others....  They have heard the message but need to trust in Jesus Christ.

In September, we had a number of new university students arrive at church.  This year, we have another group of students from Ghana. Also, the daughter of a friend and fellow pastor from the south of France, plus the son of a Christian family we know from Paris. There's also a young girl from Argentina that is in Lille as an au pair. Praise the Lord for each one.  Pray for our deacon, Nilsen, who organizes our college-age meetings.

We have our regular activities.  Sunday mornings, for our worship service, I have been preaching through the Bible, sharing the Bible stories, and how rich they are in practical applications for our lives!  Also, I have been broadcasting the services on Facebook. For our weekly Bible studies on Wednesday and Thursdays, in addition to those who can come, there are several who follow on Skype.  We just finished the gospel of John and are now studying some of the prophecies in the Old Testament about Jesus Christ's first coming.  

Sunday mornings, we are in the book of Judges where we just saw the four problems of Jephthah the Gileadite.  He had problems caused by his family, his enemies, himself, and his neighbours. His family needed to learn that they needed each other; his enemies had to be answered with the truth; he himself should have sought God's will first; and with his neighbours, he had to speak a different way.  Then we saw that Jesus had problems with his family who though that He was crazy; with His enemies He spoke with truth; Jesus did not cause any of his own problems, but He took on Himself our faults (sins); and He taught us to use the language of Love with our neighbours.

One of the next big events will be Christmas. Please pray as preparations will start soon.  This is always a great time to invite unsaved family and friends to hear the message of Jesus Christ.

We want to thank you for your prayers and your part in our ministry here in France.

Yours in Christ,

Greg and Judy Sirmons

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