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Greetings from Tennessee

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We wish you all a warm, southern greeting from Tennessee. We have been enjoying some very long-awaited fall weather! We arrived back home for a three-month furlough on August 8 and up until last week have experienced weather and temperatures pretty much like we’re accustomed to in NE Brazil! Just like everyone else in the area we were not expecting that. However, we are taking it all in now as we have chilly evenings and mornings with fog, some rain, and leaves that are beginning to change colors. Fall is my absolute favorite season and something that we do not get to enjoy in NE Brazil. So, we’re praising God for His creative handiwork, and enjoying every minute of it. 

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That’s not the only thing we’ve been enjoying. We have had some great family time so far. Our family has enjoyed being together and catching up with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins (some of whom we met for the first time). We’ve also been able to reconnect with some great friends which is special for us. Pictured above is our family enjoying time together in one of the many beautiful parks we’ve been able to enjoy. Beautiful, green, wide open spaces and playgrounds have been a family favorite.   

Not only have we enjoyed time together with family and friends, we have also enjoyed seeing several of our supporters. We’ve been in meetings mostly in the TN and GA area and met with churches that either support or are interested in supporting the ministry. We’ve also met with pastors and other church leaders about future trips to Brazil and future partnerships with our ministry. It’s been refreshing as we meet those who tell us that they’ve been praying for us for so many years. 

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We continually receive great reports from the church in Brazil. Three of our men have done a great job of keeping things running and preaching/teaching in my absence. One of the highlights of furlough is that people in the church step up and take on responsibilities and lead. One lady is doing a Bible study with a college student who had been visiting our church. Pray for Annie as she teaches Karine about God’s Word. The church recently celebrated Children’s Day and Teacher’s Day (pictured) to honor those who teach God’s Word in our church. 

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The church construction continues. This week they started pouring the concrete sub-flooring. The next step will be the walls of the second floor which will house more classrooms and give access to seating in a balcony in the future. The final phase will be the installation of the metal roof. We are using up the remaining resources that we have and are continuing to raise funds for the final phases. Would you please help us? We need approximately $15,000.00 to get us into the building for our services. Helping with this project is a great way to contribute to the expansion of God’s Kingdom and end 2019. Details on how to donate are below. 

We send a very heart-felt "Thank You" to those of you who have recently given to further this project! Your donations are appreciated and we look forward to updating you on the progress soon. 

Monthly Partnerships Needed... 

We are still in need of additional partnerships to help support us monthly. We currently need an additional 25% more funding. Would the Lord be leading you to partner with us? We would love for you to be a part of the blessings of Taking the Light of Christ to Brazil! Please pray for the need to be supplied. You may think, “I can’t do anything” or “I can’t do much”. But, perhaps you can do something. The need could easily be met if… 

  • 45 partners give $25/month, or
  • 23 partners give $50/month, or 
  • 25 partners give $25/month and 10 partners give $50/month. 

We ask that you pray about being a partner as we continue Taking the Light of Christ to Brazil. 


We know that first and foremost we are dependent on the Lord, His power and His grace. And we are grateful that He uses you all to assist the ministry in Brazil. Thank you!  

Taking the Light of Christ to Brazil,

Josh, Melissa, Troy, Eli, Alec, Joshua, Liam and Lívia 

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