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Ground Breaking Ceremony

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Ground Breaking Ceremony One step closer to the Promised Land.

arce nov 1On the first Sunday of November, God allowed us to have our ground breaking service. We had an amazing time, and the construction of the perimeter wall begins this month. The cost of a 3x3 meter wall will cost $125 each, and we need to build over 50 of them in order to protect our property and the construction materials we’re buying (like concrete blocks, rebar, cement and other materials).

Feeding the Hungry!

The families in the area where we’re building our church on average eat a medium size meal once a day. We’ve started taking a meal once a week to dozens and dozens of families in Patio Grande, the town where we’re building the church. They are so grateful that many of them have offered to help us with free labor. Despite their offers, we’ve blessed many of the families with jobs, both in construction and in security. It’s amazing to see how God is creating networks with the right people for the right job.

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This is now our third building we’ve had to move into because we don’t have more space (even with multiple services). Hopefully this will be our last move before going into our own building.

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God has allowed our volunteer team to grow in such an amazing way. The amount of men and women desiring to serve God with their lives overwhelms me. We are blessed to have such a core group of Christ-centered volunteers.

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