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Guyana, South America

Grace Ministries Blog Image August 2021

"I Need a Man to Help Me"

As I stood quietly listening to Leo’s story, I couldn’t help but feel pity for this man’s physical condition.  More than 18 years prior he suffered a horrible stroke leaving him unable to walk.  He literally crawls to get from one place to another when his family is out to work.  Once he had shared his heart with me, Leo was glad to listen as I shared God’s love for him.  When I asked him if he wanted to receive Christ into his life right now, he replied with a sense of urgency, “I need a man to help me.”  Though I have heard thousands pray to receive Christ, I will never grow tired to hearing the humble words of a sinner calling upon Christ.  Leo may never walk on this side of eternity, but I know now that he will walk a street of pure gold one day in heaven!

"I Need a Church Where I Can Worship God!"

A group of men had gathered in the village market to make casual conversation, or as they would say here, to “gaff.”  Providentially God led me to this impromptu meeting, where the door was open to share our vision for ministry.  It was right there I heard these words, “I want a church for my village where we can worship God!”  My new acquaintance that day was the newly elected leader of Tobago.  Tobago is a village I have passed for years, asking God for an open door and wisdom in what he would have me to do in this small, and deeply impoverished village.  Our presence in the community has been met with a great deal of opposition and yet God is blessing the work already.  With God’s blessing, we are forging ahead with efforts to plant a church.  Already 11 have professed faith in Christ and we have baptized 7!  Yesterday the village Captian (leader) showed me a piece of land where we can build a church.  Pray as we look to construction starting this fall.

Camp Season

We were forced to cancel our youth camps last year due to COVID.  As we approached camp season this year we were still uncertain about many issues related to the same - even up to the night before our first week of camp.  We broke up camp this year into two locations to satisfy the concerns of local leaders regarding COVID.  We chose the theme of "Wrestling With The Enemy."  Our goal is to prepare our youth for the spiritual battles they will face.  Already our first week of camp in Whitewater has been a huge success.  The youth and parents alike are giving us positive feedback on the things they learned and the changes they are making in their lives.  We are also excited to report 24 teens receiving Christ as Savior and 10 already following him in believer's baptism!  We are anticipating great things in our upcoming Sebai camp as well - please pray.

It Takes A Team

God has raised up a work for himself here bigger than any one of us.  On a typical week, our team is preaching Sunday throughout the Region in some of the most remote places you can imagine.  On Sunday, Monday, and Fridays we have various Bible studies taking place.  Wednesday is an outreach day.  Wednesdays and Thursdays are TTI training days.  Thursday mornings we are holding a service in Tobago in an effort to launch a new church.  We also have our teammate Kristen with us for a couple of months.  Already, she is leading young adults in a Bible study and leading teens in outreach efforts.  Our other teammates, Steve, Gina, and Josh are here to help us with our camp season.

Harvest Time
New Challenges!

Since our last communication with you we have seen more than 117 souls come to Christ and 35 have publically declared their faith through believer's baptism.  This incredible time of harvesting has exposed a new challenge - we take personal responsibility for every soul that comes to Christ.  We believe that every soul is more than a number to report.  Every new believer needs to be instructed about believer's baptism, connected with a vibrant discipleship opportunity, and nurtured in a local church. This is an area that we need your prayer support.  We are not where we need to be yet, but I am happy to face these "problems." 

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