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Happy Easter!

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Can you believe Easter is actually here? Where has the first few months of 2018 gone? Forgive me for not corresponding more often but honestly, typing long emails is becoming more and more difficult as I continue to lose strength in my fingers. This is why I have mainly resorted to using Facebook or Instagram to keep you updated on our happenings.

New Mission Venture
As you know, we recently returned from El Salvador where I spoke 14 times at several churches, schools, orphanages and outreach events.  I'm so excited to let you know that 124 people gave their lives to Jesus as a result of our ministry sharing the gospel in San Salvador.

What’s next on the agenda, you ask?  For starters, this month I will launch my first Book Club! Yes, you read correctly, I'm starting a Book Club. This won't be your typical book club because it will have global (online), as well as local participation.  Soul 2 Soul Book Club with Bernadette Todd is a fellowship group for those who love reading and desire to authentically connect and be inspired by great reads. Our focus is nonfiction books — true stories of faith that inspire, encourage and challenge.  My vision is for my book club to be both a place of growth for believers as well as an outreach to individuals who might not necessarily be connected to a church, though they have a hunger for “something more”.  My prayer is that this will be a catalyst for people to become connected to God and to others in the faith.

I would love for YOU to be a part of this mission venture with me!  Not only am I inviting you to join my book club, but I also want you to tell friends who you feel might benefit from something like this.  For more information on how it will work click here:  Soul 2 Soul Book Club with Bernadette Todd. 

In addition to our book club mission, plans are already underway for us bring my testimony back to Brazil this Summer and also to Columbia this Fall for the first time.  Pray for us!

Thank you, dear friend, for your love and support.  As I think about all of these plans, I know it wouldn't be possible without YOU!

In His Strength,

Bernadette Todd

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