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Happy Thanksgiving | Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas to you all, and we hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We celebrated this Thanksgiving with some of our Peruvian friends, giving thanks for our calling, our family, and our supporters. Thank you for all you do!!

This month, we were blessed to have the opportunity to hold another medical campaign. The first one was a great success, but we felt like we could do more. Some people were sent away the first time because we just didn't have time to see them. This time, several different doctors from different specialties gave free medical care to the village. It ended up being smaller than the first event, but we still saw one saved, eight interested in learning more about salvation, and one that started counseling/discipleship, personally wanting to know more about Christ. Praise God for the opportunity to reach new people!

The first weekend of the month, Teresa was blessed to relax, learn, and grow by going to a two day missionary ladies retreat, a much needed ministry. Oddly enough, the retreat was held a few blocks away from our church so Teresa was right at home. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and came back encouraged and refreshed. On the other hand, Patrick was left at home with the kids and he's still recovering.

Since April, Teresa has been teaching private music lessons. It helps financially, but it is also a way for Teresa to minister and use the talents God gave her. She mostly teaches missionary kids, and some of her students have learning disabilities. On the 16th of November, Teresa was able to gather a few piano teachers together and put on a music recital. It was a great success, as some of her students thought they would never be able to participate in things like that. Each student played their best and God was glorified.

During all these activities, Teresa's medical appointments continued. Our frustration has been that what she has (POTS- Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) is not well known here, and many doctors refuse to help. After a long process, we have finally found a neurologist that is willing to give it a go, and Lord willing, we can start a treatment within the next few weeks.

Our next topic is not something we talk about often, but with all we have been through with our health, fighting for a diagnoses, and all the ministry pressures, we need your prayers of encouragement. We know God will carry us through, but if we are honest, it has been hard not to feel frustrated and alone. This upcoming year was supposed to be our furlough year, but we chose to stay on to make sure our church would survive. We stick by our decision, but our son has never seen his home country, our kids have never met some of their cousins, uncles, and aunts, and we have not entered a Walmart in almost five years. If you think of us throughout your day and can, we would love a little boost through prayer.

And finally, as Christmas draws nigh, so do Christmas ministries. This year, instead of buying a ton of fruit cake, the church decided to buy Christmas boxes, fill them with fun things, and have a raffle to draw more people in to hear the gospel. We will use the night to have an evangelistic outreach to the whole village. If you would like to participate in the event financially, please let us know. It will really help make the night special.

Please feel free to contact us via Email or through our Facebook page, “Pruetts in Peru”. Most importantly, we are ever so thankful for your support. We can not do what God has asked us to do without you. Thank you!!

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