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Happy To Be Back

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Dear Prayer Partners,

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10 

We are happy to be back in Liberia and have immersed ourselves in the work. Myself with the school and the health center, and Jeanne with just getting used to the house, the heat and the humidity, as well as the many visitors that come to the doors daily with their needs.

 The Baptist College of Missionary Physician Assistants held its baccalaureate and graduation on February 23rd and 24th respectively, with all twenty of the students participating. It marked the end of a long and challenging three years of training leading to their Associate of Arts degree. The students will be taking their board exams on April 6th and 7th in Monrovia. Your prayers would be appreciated as passing the exam and becoming licensed PA’s is one of the major goals as they then become eligible for employment.

The next class will begin orientation on April 12th and 13th with the pre-trimester module beginning April 16th. This year’s class was initially increased to 35 students but the National Commission of Higher Education and the Health Department of River-Gee County are pushing for us to accept 10 more students. While this may seem exciting it is also met with many difficult demands on the program. Please pray for God’s wisdom upon our leadership as we must make a decision on this matter soon.

This Sunday I will be traveling to Kornee for worship service. I will be traveling on motorbike as the road is difficult and several of the bridges are not passable by car. Jeanne will be unable to go due to these conditions. She has however enjoyed the services at our other church plants in the villages of Gboimue, Voloblai and Gbelekpalai. She is also enjoying the neighborhood children that stop by on many occasions throughout the day, especially the evening meal time. She has also enjoyed her times of fellowship with the other Missionary ladies on the field here.

With the new the governments administration under way some changes are taking place in many areas and one is at the port where vehicles have been slow in being released. We have had the opportunity to visit the Toyota dealership in the capital of Monrovia and we are still considering the best vehicle to purchase considering our needs and our finances.

We appreciated your prayers and financial support that allow us to serve the Lord here in Liberia.   

Serving Jesus,

Steve and Jeanne Trexler

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