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He is not here; He has risen!

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"The ground began to shake, The stone was rolled away, His perfect love could not be overcome!" As the singing continued, I led the congregation in prayer... After speaking at the Easter services, my wife and I got the chance to pray with a couple that had come to church for the first time that morning. With tears in their eyes they said, "We are so thankful we came. We needed to hear about God's love for us." With spring in the air and new life budding from the ground, we celebrated Easter. But this year we had the privilege to enjoy Easter (for the first time in 6 years!) with our home church family at Columbus Road in Quincy, IL. After spending the first two weekends of the month visiting supporting churches in the Chicago area, we have returned to Quincy and are spending the rest of the month here while I preach Easter Sunday and Sunday April 28th at Columbus Road for our lead pastor, Bob Cowman, who is traveling with a mission team in Germany. 

While we felt blessed to "hold down the fort" in our home church in the USA, Pastor Julio and the ministry team in Peru continued to "hold down the fort" in Cieneguilla in the ministry there. They took advantage of the Easter season to go to two local communities on Friday night and Saturday night to show a Christian film and preach the gospel to the families in these areas. Both events were well attended and one new family came to church on Easter Sunday morning! Please continue to pray for Fuente de Vida as they look to rent a building locally for the continuation of the ministry in Cieneguilla. 

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Please continue to pray:

- For our travels to churches and conferences in May-June

- For scheduling meetings with new churches and donors for the months of August- October

- For the upcoming Restoration Retreat that Fuente de Vida will hold in May (there are 25 people that are completing this course and the retreat is the final step to graduate)

- For the school of worship/outreach/training that Fuente de Vida has (now with 16 students)

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