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Highlights from 2017

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A Few Highlights of 2017

  • We participated in 5 different teaching seminars in 3 different provinces in Panamá.
  • We met many different national pastors and have begun a discipleship ministry with several of them.
  • Clip preached more than 30 times in 8 different churches in 5 different provinces in Panamá. 

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Clip discussing ministry plans with Amado.

Amado is the pastor of the church in Rio Indio, where we hold many of our seminars.

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Clip teaching on evangelism in a seminar in Rio Indio in November.

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A discipleship group in our home. In the center is Cesar. He is the pastor of a church named There is Life in Jesus Baptist Church (Hay Vida en Jesus). He has a strong desire to be a disciple-maker.


  • The Lord gave us a good 2017.
  • We are set to continue and/or begin 5 different discipleship groups in January 2018.

Prayer Requests

  • An exploration trip to Bocas del Toro is scheduled for January 28 - February 1. Perhaps you remember from previous updates that we are working with Erik Mora, a national pastor, and his family to help mobilize them as missionaries.
  • We realize there are many spiritual needs where we live. (We live in a part of La Chorrera called Costa Verde.) Please pray we will have both wisdom and boldness in sharing the gospel.
  • That the Lord would continue to increase our ability to communicate well in Spanish

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