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Home Sweet Home - The DeLand Family

Delands blog post

Dear family, friends, and faithful supporters,

Greetings from Lima! Thanks to all who prayed for our trip back on the 15th. Besides being detained by the Raleigh TSA agent so he could inspect a couple of our carry-on bags (apparently Legos and kids' piggy banks are suspicious items these days), we had a pretty uneventful day. We were definitely pleasantly surprised when all 15 pieces of luggage made it safely and without any missing items.

Esther and Joseph are doing fantastic and stepped right back into life here without a hitch.

They were both very excited to reconnect with friends, ride buses again and enjoy Perú's great variety of fresh fruit and veggies. Joseph's favorite is mango!

Heather and I on the other hand had to rewire our brains to life in Lima. No major culture shock--just little things like a toilet that rarely flushes properly, not having consistent water pressure, waiting on public transportation, cooking everything from scratch basically, etc. We now have a week under our belt and are settling in once again. Of course, I don't know if we will ever get used to the traffic! 

Deland oct update 2

Here are some things to pray about this week:

1. Please pray that we can get our Peruvian driver's license soon. (we have to pass a medical test, psychological test, and written evaluation)

2. Pray for Heather as she gets the kids back in the homeschool routine and figures out an efficient schedule for the family.

3. Please pray for me as I am connecting with university students who will hopefully form part of our outreach team and with the universities to which we will be ministering on.

4. Salvation of David, a taxi driver I shared the Gospel with last week.

Deland oct update 4Deland oct update 3

Some praises:

1. We are extremely thankful to our parents for helping us get our suitcases ready and clean our apartment, providing some delicious meals our last day in the states, and taking us to the airport.

2. A huge praise is that Jet Blue only charges $35 for an extra suitcase instead of $100--saved us a lot of money!

3. We have 3 new supporters and only need $1,400 more of monthly support.

Thanks to all of you who actually take time to read this. We greatly appreciate it!


Daniel, Heather, Esther, and Joseph DeLand
Psalm 90:12

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Gloria a Dios! Siempre estoy orando para tu familia. Voy a orar specificamente para tus peticiones :)

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