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Hope Through the Fire

Radank Family

People love stories. Stories can help us connect with those around us and encourages us in daily lives. But stories also can shed light on pain and sorrow, and, for a follower of Christ, there is glory in the sorrow. As the Holy Spirit leads through the difficult times, faith is strengthened, which then ultimately gives glory to God!

Kelly and I have been wanting to share our story, along with the stories of others in the form of a podcast. The idea would be to hear the stories of people who experienced great difficulties, but still remained faithful to the Lord, even though the fires they were going through did not change. As we kept mentally developing this idea, we came up a name for the podcast: Hope Through the Fire.

For about a year, this has just been a dream, but in recent days, this dream has become a reality. We had some good friends help with the purchase of equipment. Someone who we had never met heard our story and offered to design a website for us. Another friend of ours, who has had extensive experience in podcasting, gave us some free tips and advice on how to get a podcast going. We have already recorded an intro episode and the first episode will be launched on April 1. We would be so thankful for as many people to listen, like and share the podcast. You can find more info about it at

Germany continues to be in lock-down due to COVID. Churches are not allowed to have services past an hour and singing is not allowed. All shopping, besides grocery stores are closed. Masks are 100% mandatory. Please pray for the churches in Germany as they continue to work through this extensive lock-down.

In February, we were able to present our burden for Germany in two churches in Alabama, both near Birmingham. We are thankful for their kindness to us and for the opportunity to share the need for mission work in Germany.

We are excited to have become members of Arrowhead Church. We have been serving in the children’s ministries and hosting ministry and Jackson has been regularly attending the youth meetings. They are looking forward to helping us return back to Germany, as God would lead us. We are excited to be a part of the Arrowhead family and being faithfully involved in all the ministries we have been given.


 Thank you for your prayers and support!

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