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Hosting our Home Church

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August was a great month and a very busy one! Among our regular ministries, a group of 9 people from our home church, Mile Straight Baptist Church, came to work with us for a week. In fact, Mark and Renee Gage came down a week earlier to help us prepare for the work the entire group would be doing. Mark and Renee served as missionaries for 18 years traveling around the world helping other missionaries with all types of projects. Their experience, expertise, and “pre-work” were invaluable to the success of the work the group accomplished. 

The members of the group worked at a local church in the community of El Espavé. They installed doors, built and installed window shutters, installed ceiling fans, repaired a sizable amount of plumbing and electrical issues, and did a lot of painting. Everyone worked hard, had great attitudes, and honored Christ through it all. 

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The members of the group from Mile Straight Baptist Church with many of the members from the local church, which is named There is Life in Jesus Baptist Temple (Templo Bautista Hay Vida en Jesús) in the community of El Espavé.

We are grateful for this group and the work they did. Their ministry helped strengthen both our ministry and a local Panamanian church.

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The group from Mile Straight getting to know members from the church Hay Vida en Jesús. This was during the first full day of the group’s visit. It is always encouraging to spend time with fellow believers. 

We will be visiting the United States during October, November, and December. The purpose of our trip is to try to visit as many of our ministry partners as possible for mutual encouragement, for showing our gratitude, for accountability, and for sharing what we believe the Lord has for us in Panamá in the future. It will be a busy and exciting time with a lot of travel. 

As always, thank you for your prayers and encouragement. May the Lord greatly bless you for His glory. 

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