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"How is your Lord doing?" Taxi Drivers Hear The Gospel in Moldova

We thought you'd be encouraged to read how our 16 year old Nikita Pokidko (son of Vitaly and Christina Pokidko) is faithfully serving Christ through the taxi ministry:

Nikita made 19 trips during the month of June.  Three of the drivers he had met before and were actually thrilled to see him again to continue a discussion about God.  One driver asked him, "How is your Lord doing?"

Four of the drivers were closed and wouldn't talk at all.  Christina and Vitaly tried to encourage Nikita.

One of the taxi drivers named Yuri said he was upset with the church as a whole, but Nikita tried to encourage him by asking, "You visit the hospital sometimes with your small children, is it perfect there?"  Yuri, of course, admitted the Moldovan hospitals certainly are not perfect.  Nikita shared that the church is like a hospital for your soul. It is not perfect; however, Christ Himself is Perfect even if some of His children are less than perfect.  Then Nikita invited him to attend the Voice of Truth church.

Taxi driver Anatoli, a new taxi driver said he had never been in that area before to which Nikita asked if he had ever been to a Protestant church.  "Never!" replied Anatoli.  He was then invited to attend Voice of Truth Church at which time Nikita shared the Gospel with him.

Let's keep praying for Nikita who is shouldering a big responsibility for his age.  Let us pray as the seed is sown it will bring a Harvest.

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