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How You Can Pray

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Dear friends,

Over the past few weeks, we have struggled as a family with sickness. We are thankful that the kids are feeling better, but Becky and I are still not feeling the best. We alternated turns keeping the kids in order to go see the doctor and the diagnosis was Bronchitis for Becky and Sinusitis for me. We would appreciate your prayers for our health. 

The ministry is going well in Mauritius. We are pleased with the unity and desire for fellowship we see among members of our congregation. Lately we have also had several visitors at our church. It is our prayer that the hearing the Word of God will bring forth repentance and faith in them. One of the families that has been visiting has expressed a desire to become members of the church. Over the next 12 weeks they will go through a study of key doctrines of the Scriptures with my father, and he will ascertain that they understand the Gospel. Please do continue to pray for my father; he is not preaching as much, but he still does a lot of the pastoral work of the ministry, and working personally with people is very tiring. 

We would also appreciate your continued prayers for Sara*—the teenager whom Becky and I are helping with her English. Lately she has not been very serious about coming regularly. This has caused us some frustrations, as often she would not even tell us that she would not be coming. We would like to address the issue, and we ask for grace, to do it in a way that would not jeopardize our relationship with her family. 

Several packages came from some of you in the mail for Havva during the last few weeks. We appreciate your kindness in taking the time, effort and money to send those to us. It meant a lot to us, and it was helpful, as most of the baby clothes we own are boy’s clothes. 

We appreciate you taking the time to read this update and to pray for us and for the ministry in Mauritius. 


Pascal and Becky

*Name changed

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