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Our ministry here in the States is beginning to wind down. In fact, the picture below is from our last out-of-state meeting. Our commissioning service is this Friday. We still have too many things to get rid of. And we are getting nervous!

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Deputation has been good and humbling. We have met so many intelligent, God fearing men and women and it has made us feel so small in a very good way. We have seen many people and churches make such amazing sacrifices toward our ministry and we have to wonder in bewilderment, “Why, God, would You choose us to serve in this capacity when there are much better qualified servants?” We are so grateful for God allowing us to serve Him!

Please continue to pray for the following:

Karis’s genetic test. If it comes back positive we will need to start her on beta-blockers and give her a month to adapt to the new medication. Also, we have finally gotten David’s medicine figured out but we are still figuring out the girls’. We did have a big break through last week so things are looking positive.

FBI/Visas. In hindsight we should have started these in December of last year. The FBI background check is taking very long and we are keeping a “close eye” on it.

Partners. We are in need of 3 more churches to partner with us. Because of the unexpected health issues, it is really important that we are at 100%. These health issues will increase our global insurance from an estimated $700/mo to $1,200/mo.

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