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In Everything Give Thanks

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Looking back over the past 8 months of quarantine here in Peru it might seem difficult to find things that we are thankful for. This would be true if our hope were in man and not in God.

We are thankful for...
1. The opportunity to reach out to over 1,000 people in our community with baskets of love distributing necessary food items while sharing the gospel with every person waiting in line, counseling and praying with a few, beginning Bible studies with others, and sending them all home with a gospel of John. We are thankful for those who gave to help fund this project!
2. Safety in the midst of a pandemic. We spent the first 75 days on the seminary property and have been quarantining at home since, but since we live in the church building we constantly have people ringing the doorbell. We are thankful for God's protection over our family.
3. Growth in the church. Even though internet access can be difficult for some to get, the majority of our members have enough service to be able to watch the online broadcast of our Sunday services. We are also able to meet virtually on Wednesdays for prayer. Through the adaptation of our ministry we have been able to start a new ministry of contacting every member to ask for their prayer requests which often leads to encouraging one another. We have also continued discipling through phone calls or video meetings. Casandra even led a 6 week ladies Bible study with 70 ladies through Whatsapp. We are thankful for the opportunity to learn new ways to incorporate technology that have allowed us to continue ministering.

We also have some news about how God is leading us in the coming year. Please watch the video update below to learn more!
Thank you for your continued prayers for us here in Peru.
Eric and Casandra
Joshua, Steven, Gabriela and Judah


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