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"I've never heard this....." The Suddeth Family Update - July 2017

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"I've Never Heard This ..." 

That was the response of one elderly lady as pastor Dolores shared the gospel with her. Many Panamanians know the name Jesus but really know nothing about Him, and they especially do not understand the gospel - salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.

As we equip and encourage pastors, we are helping them and the believers in their churches go to villages like Cañafistulo (where we were on this trip) to reach people with the gospel. Of course, we’re not neglecting the city; we’re just taking it one opportunity at a time as we follow the Lord’s leading.

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Clip is preparing for a trip July 20-24, with Erik, a national pastor. They will be traveling to an area called Bocas del Toro to work with an association of 5 churches.

Praise: In Case You Didn't Hear

The Lord provided all of the necessary documents for our car on June 16! Thank you for your prayers and encouragement in this specific area over the last eleven months. 

Prayer Requests

  • Continued ministry development 

  • Continued language learning

  • Upcoming trip to Bocas del Toro

  • Genuine revival in Panamá

Thank You

We do not take for granted your partnership in the gospel.  Together, we make a team.

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