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Julian's Bible

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A faithful member came to me months ago and told me she had invited one of the founding members of the town to church, but she didn't think he would come. A few minutes later, Julian walked in the door: a short man of 70 years, with a gentle face.

After service he asked to speak with me and told me he had avoided God in any real sense for years, but wanted to change that. He wanted to change for himself, his daughter who lived with him and for his granddaughter. Julian began to attend our church regularly and soon made a decision for Christ. He went through discipleship classes and received his first Bible.

Over the last few months, we have begun to put together materials for the church to prepare for a national pastor to take over. With all of the funds we received, we purchased a big print Bible for Julian and presented it to him this month on Father's day. Not thinking much of it, we missed him tearing up when he received it. After service he asked if he could address the church and what happened then was one of the greatest moments of our missionary career:

He first thanked the dear sister who originally invited him to the services. Then turned to me and thanked me for coming to his country. He thanked the church for being a family to him when he did not have one, always accepting him as he was. He thanked us for what he called the greatest gift he'd ever received from anyone, a new Bible he could actually read. He told us he couldn't read small print and now he would be able to finally read the Word of God on his. He said that like anyone who needs a sword to survive, his Bible was his sword and he would be eternally grateful for the gift he received. He then asked us to pray for him as he went to visit his real family. He wanted to be a witness to them, using his sword.

We take much for granted in our lives. Having a Bible that we can read is most certainly one of them. Julian has taught us a lot. You are never too old to turn to Christ, one soul is definitely worth it all, the Bible is and can be one of the most precious things we have, and we should be eternally grateful for it.

Thank you to all that gave to allow us to purchase Bibles and materials. We are still purchasing and preparing the materials, but are also working on providing other needed items such as instruments (current ones are personal instruments of the players. We want instruments that belong to the church) and a few electronics that will be needed.

We were able to celebrate Father's day by having a lunch and giving a new Bible to all the fathers that came to the service. Since fathers are not heavily esteemed in this culture, we tried to make a point to do something big for the day. Our children classes sang songs & gave gifts, and our youth girls sang a song of appreciation on the spur of the moment. There was a lovely sermon on how children are to respect their parents and after the service we enjoyed some delicious food prepared by many members of the church. It was a great success and it was wonderful to celebrate the leaders of the family.

Our family is doing well as we head into July which is a very busy month for us. Please pray for our up-coming outreaches and the transition to the new pastor as well as for the new believers as they grow. Please also pray that our family stays away from any winter sickness that is going around.

We cannot thank you all enough for what you do for us. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at

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