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Her Request: Come To Church

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July has been a busy month in the ministry and in our personal lives. We are excited to share with you all that God has done this month here in Peru through our ministry.

We started the month off by celebrating birthdays and ended it the same way. The first birthday we celebrated was one of our newer converts and member, Velisa. It is noteworthy because her only birthday request for her family was that they attend a church service with her. Her birthday landed on the 4th of July and that night she brought with her, her entire family, children included. We had a special service focused completely on the gospel. After the service, we ate cake and had a wonderful time of fellowship.

The next two birthdays were Isabel's birthday, now four years old; and Teresa's birthday. Isabel had simple requests for her birthday so it was an easy and fun day. For Teresa, we spent a day out, doing some shopping and spending time together. We were also blessed to be able to get her a new piano so she could begin practicing to play in service.

The final birthday we celebrated was Peru's birthday. The last weekend of July is the independence day for Peru and is celebrated through fireworks, parades, and time off for everyone. We use the time to hand out cupcakes and tracts to the Peruvian around us. It was also a wonderful time at the church where we had a special time to pray for Peru and thank God for a country that allows us to worship freely.

This month also included Agustin, our new candidating pastor, beginning to take over more responsibilities as pastor. He is now preaching Wednesdays and Sundays, as well as doing visitation throughout the week. It is a delicate time for him to grow close to the people and gain their trust. Please pray with us as relationships are developed and bonds created with this potential new pastor. He will be candidating for a year before the church takes its final vote. Please pray for wisdom and a smooth transition.

We also have some major events coming up that we would like to request prayer for. The first is our children's event that normally brings in most of the kids in our village. We have clowns and puppets along with raffles to attract parents and kids alike. It is an important event as we are the only church in the area sharing the gospel with the children of Huaycan. Please pray they come and pray for Pastor Agustin as he gives the gospel to them. We are also planning a medical event this coming October. It is a ministry that comes from within Peru and has potential to be a very big blessing to the area. They do not receive medial assistance very often and we would love to connect those who really need help with those who can give it.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. We would not be able to have the ministry we have without you. Feel free to contact us through our email, or reach us on our Facebook page at “Pruetts in Peru.” Thank you!

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