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Jungle Journey - Part 2

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Settling Back In
Life in the jungle.

We have now been in Guyana for just over a month.  The process of settling in takes time.  When we reached here, we did not have electricity, a toilet, shower, or running water in our house, and it felt like the progress was painfully slow.  We are still without, but the end is in sight (I think!).  For a good part of the last few weeks, we have been bouncing back and forth to the capital city to work through our non-profit status and the immigration process.  Grace Ministries of Guyana will now operate under Achieve Guyana, Inc.  Achieve is an acronym that we borrowed from our partners at TTI.  Achieve is an acronym for “A CHurch In EVery villagE.”  Achieve reflects our expanded team and our expanded vision.  From the website and the U.S. side, we will still use the name, Grace Ministries of Guyana.  With stamped documents in hand for Achieve Guyana, Inc., we are well on our way to getting our long-term immigration status within (God-willing) the next 6-8 weeks.

Our team is growing....again!

We are excited about some new team members to our Grace Ministries ministry team.  Meredith Richardson is a young lady we met in Iowa at one of our newest supporting churches – Grace Church.  She was approved this month through Global Faith Mission (our mission board) for a one-year internship.  Meredith will focus her energies on building our children’s ministries.  We are also glad to announce the addition of Sam Enfinger, a former student of mine at Trinity Baptist College.  Sam has been to Guyana with me on two short-term trips.  Sam will take charge of our sports outreach.  As with all of our team, these roles are first and foremost about evangelism and multiplying disciples.  Both Meredith and Sam bring some awesome talents and God-given gifts to our team.

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Evening Service at Antioch Baptist Church

Wow, hard to find the words.
God is at work amonth the unreached.

After a month there is still so much-unfinished business – the immigration process, our home, our team is not here, etc.  However, God is very much at work.  Within the last 4 weeks, I have been blessed to see more than a dozen people give their life to Christ.  Also, it has been a joy to baptize 19 new believers and pray over 6 babies being dedicated by their parents to Christ!  God has also opened the door for us already to engage the Warao people in more than one location.  This is a tribe, (mostly animist) that is reportedly less than 1.5% evangelical – an Unreached People Group.  In the picture below you will see the Warao girl (yellow shirt) that I prayed for a couple of years ago that God chose to heal, opening the door for the gospel.  This picture is of her family, and her dad is eager to be trained to preach and reach his people!
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Prayer Points

Pray for some sense of “normalcy” can come into our life.  It feels like we have been in a whirlwind for a long time.  Our desire is to focus on Christ and his calling in our lives.

Pray for wisdom.  We have more open doors than we can possibly explore.  Two unreached people groups within our area of ministry.  Multiple villages asking for our ministry.  

Mann Feb 26_2Pray, as always, for our sons.  As we adjust to life back in the jungle without them, they are adjusting to mom and dad being on another continent.  This is a challenging season for us all.

Pray for our team.  Counting us, there are 10.  They must raise support – we pray quickly!

Pray for a major project coming on the near horizon.  There are many pieces that must come together to see the project come to reality.

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