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Latest Seminar in Rio Indio

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Russ and Lynn Turner and I (Clip) sensed a heaviness, for lack of a better word, as the week began. It wasn’t that we could put our finger on any one thing that was wrong, but something just didn’t feel right. Yet we continued teaching on fasting, the Christian family, and church administration. On Thursday, everything changed; heaviness turned into happiness. What we learned is that, among many families in the church, there are six couples who have lived together for years but have never been married. Long story short, these six couples now want to be obedient to the Lord and honor Him, so each one will have their civil marriage before January, and Russ will perform six “church weddings” when we are there for the ninth, and final, seminar in January 2019.

We praise the Lord for His work in Rio Indio and are thankful to be a part of it. We are reminded that not only is it important to reach people with the gospel, but it is also necessary to provide solid biblical teaching and discipleship. We pray that through this ministry, and your partnership in it, many churches will be strengthened in the faith (Acts 16:5). Thank you!

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Russ and Clip teaching in Rio Indio.

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It’s rainy season in Panamá! Waiting and studying during the rain that was so loud on the metal roof that it made it impossible to teach for about an hour. 

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Yaniceli, a young lady in Rio Indio, was recently saved. She and three others were baptized on August 26.  

Clip will make a 12-hour drive to Bocas del Toro September 14-17, with Amado and Erick, two national pastors. The purpose of the trip is to hold a weekend seminar in order to gauge the interest of having additional seminars in 2019 and 2020. Amado will be teaching about evangelism, Erick will be teaching about discipleship, and Clip will be teaching about missions. As you may remember, we are still trying to encourage and mobilize Erick and his family, so they can move to Bocas del Toro as missionaries.

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Erick (left) talking with Gilberto (right). Both are godly men who are faithfully serving the Lord.

Prayer Requests for the Coming Weeks

  • Please pray for the six couples that want to be married and honor the Lord with their families and their lives. 
  • Please pray for the upcoming trip to Bocas del Toro. 
  • Please pray as we are working with some local churches to help them in administration, organization, and finances. One of our goals here is to help established churches be healthy churches. 
  • We continue with our regular discipleship meetings.


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