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 We have been to Ikea more in the past 6 months than we’ve been to church our entire life combined...or at least that’s how it has felt.Thanks to Ikea, we’ve been able to furnish our apartment, buy odds and ends, and even get stuff for dinner. It seems Ikea has everything including kitchen sinks, but there was one thing we were surprised to find. As you’re busy wondering what that other thing is, I should remind you that our address has changed and that if you wish to send us things please make sure it will fit in a 6”x9” envelope and that it is not valued more than $20 as we could have to pay 3x that value in taxes.

That other thing we found at Ikea was another missionary to Portugal from Brazil. I had tried to arrange a meeting with him and it just never seemed to work out. I happened to see him out of the corner of my eye. I began to chat with him in my broken European Portuguese and he chatted with me in his broken English. We set up a date to meet with each other and with our families. 

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The date we set was April 25th, a significant day in Portugal as it is “Dia de Liberdade (Liberty Day, end of the dictatorship)”. Our meeting started out cool and windy so we moved our meeting to a local mall where we shared a meal and café together. We talked with each other, we laughed at each other, and most importantly we prayed for each other. 

I’m confident this was a significant meeting that will benefit our families and ministries far into the future. We don’t know what plans God has for us, but we do know that God in his providence joined our families together for the purpose of His glory. 

We have acquired our residency visas. Dave has gotten his driver’s liscence. We are getting settled and working hard on learning Portuguese! 

Privileged to Serve,

David & Michelle Wears

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