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Live from Cieneguilla Peru - The Wollbrinks

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"Pastor, the reason that I met with you tonight is because I heard that your church helps people like me. My wife left me last night, and the truth is that my life is so messed up that I don't even know where to start." As I sat across the table from Cesar on this cool winter night, my heart broke as I listened to his story. How his marriage was failing because of unfaithfulness, abortions, and years of mistrust... as he termed it "the consequences of a life far from God." But regardless of the pain, I couldn't help believing. Believing God can and will do a miracle in his life. Believing that there is hope for so many other families like his. Believing that God can change this city. Jesus himself said "Everything is possible to him who believes" (Mark 9:23). Cesar was one of thirty men who came to our "Warrior" Men's retreat June 26th.  

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Half of those men were friends, and neighbors that don't know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We believe God can transform the hearts of each of those men, won't you join with us in prayer for this? 

July was a busy month, with church outreach in the local park, Baptism, and Baby dedications. Also we celebrated our son Santiago's 8th birthday! We were blessed with a visit from Nena and Papa Wollbrink, and we hosted a mission team from our home church (Columbus Road) in Quincy IL.

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We were SO encouraged by the teenagers and adults that came on this team, and thankful for the work projects they helped us with around the mission property. At the end of the month, we took them on an adventure to the Amazon jungle where we met with our Peruvian Church planter, Pastor Jairo Torres, and traveled 6 hours upriver to minister in the jungle village of Apayacu. It was an incredible time of growth and adventure.  Thank you so much for your prayers and continual financial support. We are so excited about many other things that are happening, and will soon be sharing more news with you!

Blessings in Christ, the Wollbrink Family

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