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Live from Cieneguilla Peru - The Wollbrinks

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"Lord we join together today to lift up our sister Dionicia. We ask for you to heal her
completely." My wife's voice rang out as she prayed over Dionicia Rojas, a wonderfully servant
hearted lady from our church who was diagnosed with a tumor in her uterus. But on this day she
wasn't the only one praying--twenty other believers from our church were surrounding her joined
together in prayer. On Saturday March 4th our church had separated a Saturday to fast and pray
together. Together we worshipped, soaked ourselves in God's word, and prayed for each other. We lifted up our ministry, our community, our families, our missionaries in the Amazon, and even prayed over every event on our church calendar. It was a time of refreshing and a start for what we believe God wants to do in our Valley. As we finished the day of retreat, we were all on cloud nine....

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But then a week later we went to visit Dionicia for her birthday. While at her house, her husband Eliazar told us that she had something to share. After we all sat down, she shared with us how she had just had a special sonogram done the day before, and the doctors found nothing! She has a clean bill of health! We continue to praise God for this great work-- Jehova Raphah - God is your healer!


February was a busy, but rewarding month. We had a special couples night to celebrate Valentines day. This is part of a work we are doing to build marriages and teach our people to prioritize and invest in their marriage (Marriage is very devalued here, and most people just live
together). We had a great time with a couple's date night where we provided childcare at the church, and took the couples out to a local restaurant. There was romance in the air, and after the fun games, we shared a message about applying the five love languages in our relationships, and how the Love of Christ is our example. We had 11 couples participate, including two that have never been to our church before!

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On February 19th we celebrated our church's 2 year anniversary. Over these two years, through
lots of hard work, steps of faith, victories, challenges, tears of sadness and joy, God has established this work of Fuente de Vida. We had a packed house that morning with many guests
present. A favorite part of the celebration were the testimonies.

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That day we had several people give testimonies of how they had arrived to the church, and faith in Christ. They shared about love they felt, how they felt like they belong, and how God was working in their lives. After the service we had 5 people publically proclaim their faith by passing through the waters of baptism. But ultimately the best part of all was that one of those baptized was our son Santiago!

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Right now as I write this (March 17th) Peru has been facing severe landslides and flooding all over the coast. The coast is a desert, and has recently received unusual amounts of rain. The
Lurin river here in Cieneguilla (which is about two blocks from our property) is currently raging at the highest level it's been in 30 years. We are safe, but it has broken its banks in several places in our community and washed away several farms, roads, and homes. We spent the day yesterday hiking to some of the affected places bringing water and helping to sandbag. Please continue to pray for Peru and the many people affected by this flooding.

Thank you for your continual prayer and financial support!  Please hold us up in prayer in the next month as we have a busy month of ministry opportunities ahead!

Blessings in Christ, The Wollbrink Family


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