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Live from Cieneguilla Peru - The Wollbrinks - December 2016

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Carlos, who sat beside me said: "I am so thankful for what God is doing in my life. Ever since I gave my life to Jesus Christ at church last Sunday, everything is changing. I feel completely different! I'm so hungry to learn more, and I absolutely couldn't wait to come here tonight! Maricruz said: "I was in such a bad place in my life when I first came to church last month, and since the first day it seems like every one of the sermons have been just for me! I teach religion at a catholic school, and I have been so moved by these messages that I have discarded the catholic material and began to teach my student the sermon series from our church! And the testimonies went on. We heard new believers share how thankful they were that they found God in our church, we heard a recently widowed woman share how God was miraculously providing for her, and other members share how God had been teaching them to see their lives and possessions in a different way. But it wasn't over yet, after testimonies we broke into prayer circles where we are teaching our people to minister to each other's needs in prayer.

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October and November have been busy spring months for us. Although in the recent weeks our family has been struggling with sickness, we are doing very well and growing spiritually. In October, my wife and I had the opportunity to go to a 3 day conference together to learn how to create ministry cells within the church and teach each believer to minister within the body. During the first week of November, Cris Johana and baby Sophia took advantage of some airline miles and flew to Illinois for 10 days to see family. Cris Johana also got the privilege of speaking at Columbus Road (our home church) as well as with some women's Bible studies during this trip. While I held down the fort here in Peru with the boys, we received our new Mission intern, Caleb Poush. Caleb is a 23 year old guy from Phoenix AZ with a heart for serving God. He will be serving on our team here for the next year. And finally this past week we had a visit from Pastor Jairo (Our church planter in the jungle), who shared with our church here about a new church plant in Iquitos that we will be sponsoring this coming year. We are taking a special offering this month called "My Best Gift for Jesus" and all the funds raised will go toward local outreach for Christmas here in Cieneguilla, as well outreach for Christmas at this new church plant in the jungle. Please pray that our people will catch the vision to give, and participate in a big way in this! Thank you! 

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