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Live from Cieneguilla Peru - The Wollbrinks

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"This is the moment of forgiveness. This is the moment to look your spouse in the eyes, and ask their forgiveness. A time to whisper in their ear how much you love them, and to renew your vow to love and cherish them!" This Saturday wasn't any old Saturday, no, it was the day of Fuente de Vida's first marriage conference. 

We had spent all afternoon laughing together and learning about marriage from three couples from a special marriage ministry that served as our guest speakers-- And on this chilly winter night, around us were 25 couples.  Wollbrink Oct 1.PNG

There were a couple who had just gotten engaged and are preparing for marriage, others who had been married for 10 or 20 years, and even one couple who have been togehter for 50 years! As we ended the night we all stood, with music playing in the background, arm in arm, looking into each others eyes and practicing the most powerful tool Christ has given us for marriage-- Forgiveness.

What an encouraging night!Wollbrink Oct 2.PNG

Not only was it a blessing for our church, but also for our family as we didn't have to teach but were able to sit and receive these encouraging words. The next week Cris Johana and I, along with Jesus and Judith Carias (who were vsiting us from Houston, TX) got the opportunity to travel to the Amazon city of Iquitos and give a two night marriage conference for our two church partners there. It was exciting to share with them and see God move on the last night as they washed each other's feet as a sign of humulity and love.WOllbrink Oct 3.PNG

September wasn't without its difficutlies however. One of the most difficult parts of the missionary life is saying goodbyes. It often seems that as soon as we connect with and get to know someone, they are soon headed off to another place. Our interns, Caleb and Haven Poush completed their internship time with us and headed back to Arizona. Caleb preached (in Spanish) on his last Sunday here with us about showing love in family. The tears and hugs flowed as the church said their goodbyes and we sent them off "with the blessing of the Lord." We trust that God will use this couple in a great way in their future ministry, and we thank him for the opportunity to be a part of their training time.

We also have seen a great awakening of healing of the heart in our church this month. Often times we carry hurts and burdens in our hearts that, even as Christians, skew our perspective and ability to live in God's grace and walk in his power. As we saw God begin to reveal and minister to several people in our congregation and the congregation in Iquitos, Pastor Jairo traveled down to Lima (from Iquitos) and shared with Fuente de Vida on September 17th. That morning, Jairo shared that God will never give us anything that we can't enjoy.Wollbrink Oct 4.PNG

God used this message to bring a call for people to come forward for prayer to heal hearts. We saw a line of people for prayer that took us nearly an hour after the service to pray with each one. One woman named Domenica gave her life to Christ that morning. Another couple decided to reconcile their marriage after a nearly 2 year separation. Many others decided to sign up for appointments at our counseling ministry for continued help. Please pray for the follow up work we are diligently doing with each of these families.

We want to thank you for your continual prayer for our family and ministry, as well as the faithful financial support that many of you send on a monthly basis. Without you, this work would not be possible! Thank you so much! Here I want to share a few prayer requests for the next couplw of months:

  • For strength and impact on my (Jason) high school students as I finish the school year with them
  • For the high school spiritual retreat that my wife and I will be the key speakers for in November
  • For God to continue growing spiritual leaders in our church plant through the weekly Women's group on Wednesday mornings, and Men's group on Friday mornings
  • For wisdom and financial provision to bring a Peruvian pastor on staff in the coming months
  • For the growth of our worship ministry (Praying for a keyboard player)
  • For wisdom for our family as we prayerfully plan for a furlough next year

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Blessings in Christ, The Wollbrink Family

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