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Local Ministry

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Local Ministry in Churches, Parks, and Schools

In June, we hosted a team of 28 high school students and adults from Grace Church in Des Moines, IA. The group divided into three smaller groups in order to serve in three different communities. They did an amazing job and worked hard for nine days! The Lord provided opportunities for them to perform drumming and drama presentations in churches, parks, and several schools. For instance, in one high school, 40 students expressed interest in knowing more about salvation! Please pray for Moises, the pastor of the church close to this high school, and for the people of this church as they have the opportunity to follow up with these young people.  

This team was a great help to us in an additional way. Their hard work, attitude, and preparedness has strengthened our relationships with the three pastors with whom we worked. Therefore, we have an open door to invest in their lives and churches. Please pray as we continue to work with these pastors. 

We have included several photos of their time and ministry here, because “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

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Some of the students teaching several girls in the community one of the worship songs.

suddeth july 18 2

Local high school students learning cadences from a team. 

suddeth july 18 3

Playing soccer. 

suddeth july 18 4

Practicing English after one of the presentations. 

suddeth july 18 6

Going over plans as the day begins. 

suddeth july 18 7

A team performing the drums during one of the churches’ outreaches.

suddeth july 18 8

Another team performing a drama during a church service. 

suddeth july 18 9

A rare moment when the whole group was together.


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