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Looking Back

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LOOKING BACK: As I look back upon 2019 it gives me great encouragement going into 2020. One of the most profound reminders we take from the previous year is the value of healthy partnerships. I can only stand back in awe and thank God for his goodness when I think of the many ministry partners who gave abundantly and sacrificially to help us move forward with some important projects. We have the funding now to complete the prep work on the ministry property. We have the funding now to build our house and one staff house. We have the funding now to build our first TTI discipleship training center. Acquiring the funding for these projects looked daunting just one year ago. I am humbled at the blessings of God and the degree in which our ministry partners believe in what we are doing. For those who have given $5 to $50,000, we are thankful for your partnership and vision. We trust that the return on your investment will be measured in the spread of the gospel, disciples made who make disciples who make disciples.

A FRUITFUL YEAR: I never want to take for granted the incredible privilege to travel across North America every week to challenge God’s people to expand their global vision. We regularly see tangible fruit to this aspect of our ministry from lost people who trust Christ to believers who grow in their vision for the global mission of God. Any missionary will tell you that the 10’s of thousands of miles we travel can be wearisome but keeping an eye on God’s blessings along the way is very energizing. In Guyana, after a number of trips last year, we wrap up 2019 with more than 123 souls that have given their life to Christ through our various evangelistic crusades and the youth camp! I think this a testimony to the faithful sowing of the seed week after week. When I come in to preach these evangelistic meetings, I am preaching to hearts that have been cultivated by our Guyanese ministry leaders.

LOOKING AHEAD – 2020 VISION: We will start 2020 much as we did the previous year – traveling and sharing the amazing work of God in Guyana. We are praying and working hard to get the necessary funding to get busy in Guyana full time. Several churches have made “verbal commitments” for support to begin in January. We should have a much better picture of where we are by the end of this month. I will be going to Guyana in March-April to build our house and a home for one of our ministry staff. Two churches will be helping in this endeavor over a period of 4 very busy weeks. Our summer months will be focused primarily upon strengthening existing churches, conducting four large VBS outreaches, and of course our big Linked Youth Camp 2020. In each effort mentioned above we are blessed to have supporting churches coming to serve along-side of us to make all of this work!
Greg and Wendy Mann – Missionaries to Guyana South America

Pray with us about the following:
1. Pray for our boys – increasing desire for God, spiritual growth, and physical safety.
2. Monthly support and project funding. Monthly support is lagging more than we would like. Please ask God to open doors for us to share – I believe we have a ministry that people can buy into, but they must be able to hear about it first.
3. Ongoing work in Guyana. Many details must come together in preparation for the first of our building teams coming in March.
4. Thanking God for the sale of our home in Jacksonville!

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