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Love That Cannot Be Ignored

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On Wednesday nights, three little girls that are obviously unbathed, have little earthly possessions, and are surviving the best they can, come running inside the church, laughing. The first thing they have to do is hug and kiss us and immediately start playing with our children, doting and caring for Isa and Ezra. They sit and sing happily with their church family and truly make a joyful noise to the Lord. After songs, they scramble up the stairs to learn about Jesus and play with the other children from their neighborhood, who normally don't accept them, but in church services include them like family. Once the service concludes, they linger as long as they can in the classroom, in hopes for extras from the crafts or maybe one more special snack to take home; but then go down stairs to enjoy more time to play with all the others kids.

Late one night, due to fellowship time after service going long, but before they left, one of the little girls tugged on Teresa's shirt and when Teresa leaned over, Ahaira hugged her as if it was the only hug that ever mattered. Then these precious words tumbled out of her mouth "I feel loved here." With a smile of her face, she went out into the night, laughing, and giggling with a promise she would come back soon.

Christ came to seek and to save that which was lost.  He came to give love and comfort to those who can't find it anywhere. The love these little girls have found in His church is the love we seek to share. We want to share a saving love that through faith knowing we can be with Him forever. Pray for these little girls: Ajaira, Asumi, and Alejandra. Please pray that they may continue with Christ and His church, and that we can continue to spread His love to the entire town of Huaycan.

During this month, we celebrated Christ's love day (Valentine's Day) bu inviting the town to come and share cake, coffee, and a special time to see God's love. Unfortunately, our town's power grid was unexpectedly cut, so we did not have lights for most of the night. We waited over an hour using only emergency lights and flashlights, hoping that the lights would come back on. Amazingly, we still had people wait to enjoy our special night with us!

We were also able to hold our first baby shower for the granddaughter of one of our members. Dionne is unsaved and had her baby without the father. She was ashamed and confused why the church wanted to help provide items for the baby, but once she realized that it was not for us to judge her but to share with her God's amazing love and forgiveness, she welcomed it.  As a result of the shower, her mother and father now attend our services weekly. After one service, they told us that they could ignore a lot of things, but the love we showed their daughter was not something they could forget. Pray for the salvation of this new mother and her beautiful new baby girl.

On top of our church ministry, Patrick started teaching an apologetics class, four days a week. He found out the week before classes started and was not given a curriculum, so he has been very bsuy studying and preparing for each topic. Pray that the class will make a difference in someone's life. 

On the more personal side, God answered so many prayers this month. The biggest was the renewing of our apartment contract. It is a process that requires lawyers and a lot of back-and-forth. But this year, our land lord came by, agreed to our terms immediately, and said that she would not ask for another rent increase as long as we lived here. This is unheard of in Peru. This is a massive answer to prayer. God is very faithful! We also have a single lady who has been kind enough to help with taking care of our children before and after services on Sunday. This now allows Teresa to have time to be more involved in ministry work. A direct answer to Teresa's prayers.

Please keep praying that God sends us and directs us to the souls that so desperately need Him. We also ask that God will bring the right Peruvian man to us this year to take over the pastor position of our church. Thank you for all you do.

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