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Dear friends, prayer partners and supporters,
The middle of December Anne’s mom, Inge Weaver, had a  cataract lens to slip causing her to see double and become unstable walking. She is 93 years old. She stayed with us so we could
minister to her during her eye surgery and recovery. She is a happy and joyful person and it was a joy to have her with us. She was able to return home the middle of March. During this time our
ministry work was local.

In January Jess put in a water filter system for a local missionary.
In February we were able to send solar chargers and Jesus films to India with a group under Cookie Johnson’s ministry. Several villages were able to see the Jesus film in their own language.


Jess was also able to rebuild and convert some 400 watt light fixtures to
LED 600 watt fixtures at our home church. We were also able, with your help, to send solar chargers and water filters with a missionary going into the jungles of Peru.
In March Jess and his helper, Gary Steele, installed conduit, a panel and receptacles on the back of our church gym in preparation for feeding temporary electricity to the new children’s wing that will be started soon. They also replaced an a/c unit for a local Spanish ministry where Darwin Blandon is pastor. Jess also assisted a local missionary with an electrical problem at his home.
In April Jess disconnected an removed an a/c unit at our home church in preparation for the children’s wing. The end of the month we have a project replacing an a/c unit in New Jersey and
then an electrical project in Oklahoma at New Life Ranch.
We appreciate your prayers, encouragement and support for our ministry.

Prayer requests: Continued good health for Jess, safety as
we travel, and for the Lord to be glorified in each project !!!

Love in Christ,
Jess and Anne Kerley

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