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Medical Outreach & Day of the Dead

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Dear Co-laborers,

The month of October has been full of ups, downs, and many blessings. We are excited to share with you what God has done through us here in Peru this month.

On October 11th, a good friend from the US arrived with three suitcases filled with 150lbs of multivitamins, reading glasses, and ibuprofen. After receiving some odd looks and awkward questions from customs, he made it through for us to pick him up. These items would form the back bone of our medical campaign.

The medical campaign took up most of our October, and proved to be an amazing ministry opportunity. The plan was to have several Peruvian doctors at our church to attract people to come in, here the gospel, and also receive free medical care. Teresa took on the details, and Patrick and the church took on the work for room prep, counseling areas, and inviting people to come in.

On the 13th , a Saturday, we arrived at the church at 8AM, and there was already a line of twenty people, waiting on the event to begin. We allowed people in to give their personal information to the nurse, they then went to the counseling area to receive the gospel and a Bible. After the counseling, they saw the doctor, and then received their vitamins.

At the end of the day, we had served over 100 Peruvians, given the gospel to each one of them and their children. Eight people accepted Christ, and we continue to visit those who asked for more information about our church and the gospel message. It was an overall success that we were able to help the physical need of the people but also care for their eternal souls. Thank you for your prayers.

At the end of the month, The Day of the Dead is celebrated here in Peru where the nation gathers at cemeteries and spends the day with their dead relatives. It is a sad day of spirit worship that the Catholic Church condones. We teach heavily against these kind of things, but it is an ingrained portion of their culture.

Interestingly, Halloween is pulling many of these families away from the cemeteries and to doors around the country in search of candy. For our part, we have a candy night where everyone in the area can come by the church, enjoy some music, free candy, and a gospel tract along with a personal invite to service. It is a fun time for the kids and an excellent opportunity to share Christ's gift.

Please feel free to contact us via email or through our Facebook page “Pruetts in Peru”. We have many photos and videos of our church events or life in Peru on our Facebook page that we are sure you will enjoy. Most importantly, we are ever so thankful for your support. We cannot do what God has asked us to do without you. Thank you!!

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