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Meet My Friend Tori

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Dear Friends, Family and Partners in Ministry,

We have been living in Jacksonville since January 1 and will be moving out of temporary quarters into our house by the end of the month.  I have always preached that the waiting time has many purposes, one of which is to teach you trust God and learn something while you are waiting.  We definitely trust God and we are learning a new area, finding a new church home, staying connected with friends around the world and I (Randy) have been learning Spanish!

We are still unable to travel out of the country, especially Argentina where they are seeing a severe second surge of COVID 19.  Many of you have continued to support us financially right through the pandemic and this waiting time.  You are a blessing!  As you know, that money stays put until it can be put to use in God’s Kingdom work.  This is why I am writing you today.

Tori_May 2021Please meet my friend Victoriana “Tori” Soritau, a Neuroblastoma cancer survivor. She is the daughter of Romanian Missionaries Elijah and Raelene Soritau. I have known the Soritaus for many years and some of you know them too.

At age two and a half, Tori was diagnosed with Stage 3 High Risk Neuroblastoma with one tumor compressing her spine and causing paralysis and another tumor in her abdominal cavity. After multiple surgeries, six rounds of chemo, a bone marrow transplant, and five months in ICU on a ventilator the doctors finally declared her NED (no evidence of disease). But the fight was not over, as the bone marrow transplant caused multiple organ failures and her body was fragile from the treatment. She spent exactly one year in the hospital without ever getting discharged and had to go to weekly clinic visits with her specialists for five years. She now only has to have checkups once a year but with 12 different specialists. 

Tori’s treatment caused severe hearing loss and now she is in need of a new pair of hearing aids.  You can see that she is a young woman now and the old hearing aids, are, well OLD! She uses PHONAK hearing aids. Her last pair were $5,000+. PHONAK has a Bluetooth system that allows her to listen to her online school directly in her hearing aids as well as a direct connection to her cellphone so no sound is lost in “mid-air.”  Let’s try to help Tori.  I think her parents have about $1,000 toward the purchase of these hearing aids.  Remember, they are national missionaries in Romania.  With permission of those of you who have been supporting our mission fund, I would like to offer a challenge that could raise enough money for Tori to have new hearing aids!

If you will give to Tori’s need for new hearing aids, we will match your giving up to $2,000 which would put them at the amount to meet they need.  A one-time gift is what I am asking.  If you give $2,000 then it becomes $4,000 and they will be at the amount needed to put Tori back on the road to good hearing.  Below there are two hot links, one for Tori’s hearing aids and the other is our regular monthly support link.  By the way, thank you to all of you who continue to faithfully give!

To give a one-time gift for this project click this: Tori’s Hearing Aids

To give your regular monthly gift for the Rays, click this: Ray’s Missions Fund

Thank you a million times over for your interest and support of our continued ministry after 42 years of pastoring!

Randy and Jan