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Dear Prayer Warriors,
You may remember from our last prayer letter that our first men's meeting on Aug. 8 brought an unsaved man, son of a Christian that attended, who had said he was in the process of seeking God due to a recent health problem. Fast forward six weeks...Royer was just saved and is excited to begin a Bible study to prepare to be baptized!

For our second men's meeting we had six attend, four of whom stayed from 7 in the morning when it started until 10 p.m. working on fixing up the church building! They painted, fixed some holes in the church walls and changed out the wood in our rotting steps, all in preparation for our anniversary service.

For our 44th church anniversary we printed special invitations for about a hundred people (unsaved relatives of our church members and others who have been out of fellowship with the church for some time) to come to an evangelistic service on Aug. 29. We praise the Lord for the eighty people who came! These have resulted in several followup visits and conversations, and some families have returned for Sunday services.

For the evening of our actual anniversary service, our little building and patio were packed to the hilt with about 180 people from churches around Cusco who joined in the service where we focused on the topic: The Word of God is Profitable.

During another week we spoke with three different couples that have been living together. In the first two cases the women have been Christians and have made the decision to separate, and in the last case the unsaved man just yesterday made a profession of faith! We are excited to see what God is doing here, and can't wait to see what  fruit this decision will bring!!

Our most recent men's meeting this past Saturday didn't exactly go as planned. But God surely directed and blessed. I (Eric) experimented with making a quinoa and apple breakfast drink and easily had enough for 25 people. Two came. One was a seminary student and one was our unsaved neighbor from next door. Needless to say, I modified the topic for the morning and was able to go through the whole plan of salvation with our neighbor!  "Who has despised the day of small things?..." Zech.4:10a So glad that God's plans are better than ours! I gave him an evangelistic Bible study that we are going to continue working on, and was able to share the extra breakfast with his family, some other neighbors across the street, and with the young people from our church.  Thank you to those who prayed!

Since March, a fourth year seminary student named Emerson has been helping in our church and gaining ministry experience to return to his home in the jungle where he has plans to be a missionary to the unreached people groups there. His father just passed away last year and he almost didn't return this year. However, faithful to his calling and his father's wishes, he did return. Now, just three months from graduation, his widowed mother is facing difficulties, and a man has arrived at his home church claiming to be a prophet and creating divisions between those in the church and the students the church had sent to study in the seminary. After a season of prayer, Emerson decided to honor his mother's wishes and return home. Please pray with us for Emerson to respond in wisdom and love in the possible upcoming confrontation, for provision for his family, and for the opportunity to finish his studies soon.

Pardine Sept 1

Prayer requests:
-Eric's seminary class Oct 1 - 18th on Bible Doctrines. Pray for him as he makes final preparations this week. The whole family will be travel Mon-Thurs. each week down to Urubamba. Pray for Casandra as she homeschools with the open seminary fields calling the boys to play!
-We also will be attending a conference on counseling the last week of October in Urubamba as well.  Pray for traveling mercies as we will be making the hour and a half trip back and forth between Urubamba and Cusco on public transportation many times this coming month.
-Casandra has started discipling a lady who wants to join the church. Pray for Soledad and her spiritual growth. Also for a burden God has placed in Casandra's heart to minister to the pastor's and missionary's wives in the area. That God would show her how He would have her be a help to others for His glory.
-For Gabriela. Cusco seems to really upset her eczema and it is hard to pinpoint what is causing the flare-ups. Pray for wisdom, patience, and the ability to ease her discomfort.
-Of our church's 40 members, we have only about a third come regularly to any given service. Please pray for faithfulness for them. 
-Bible distribution here in San Sebastian. We haven't set a date yet, but are aiming for November.

In Him who is All in All,
Eric & Casandra Pardine
2 Timothy 2:2

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