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Gathering the Lost Sheep

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Merry Christmas from Peru!

Of course there is no snow on the ground here, in fact the kids are breaking out the tank tops and enjoying the sunny weather after so much cold and rain since July!

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As we approach the end of the year we have many activities scheduled including a closing program for our Sunday School classes on the 16th and a short Cantata by the children's choir and the adult choir followed by hot chocolate and Peruvian style fruit cake on the 23rd.

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For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord. Luke 2: 11

Some have asked about our construction projects that we were working on before furlough. Most of those projects have been completed. However there is always something needing to be fixed! We are grateful that we were able to finish the parsonage and fix the dangerous wooden stairwell and extend the roof top covering over it before the rainy season started up again.  We are still working on raising money to remodel the bathrooms and kitchen in the short term, and to demolish and rebuild the entire church building in the long term. If anyone would be interested in heading up a work team, let us know!

In our last business meeting of the year the members voted to change the name on our church sign from the Christian Baptist Church of San Sebastian to Eternal Life Baptist Church. We want the community to know that Jesus is the answer to their questions.

We recently held a meeting with the church leadership and it was a great encouragement to see them participate with ideas for how to help our church and reach our community.  We have also spent the last four months gathering up the lost sheep and it has been a blessing to see God work in several hearts to return to Him. Sometimes it is a slow going process but we praise God for every step of progress that we see. So please continue to pray for us. Our team of "faithful few" is very small indeed, but all have pledged to put forth their best effort for the Lord in this coming year.

One couple joined the church this month after about a month and a half of discipleship, and we have another lady that Casandra has been discipling who also wants to join, possibly in January.

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Neyser helping stuff Bibles with tracts. 

Please pray for:

Faithfulness among the members. We have seen some decline in attendance in all the services.

  • We need revival! Pray that hearts would be broken for God and His Word.
  • For Joshua and Steven as we homeschool. They don't always want to cooperate with Mommy, and yet they don't want stern Mrs. Pardine to teach them either.
  • For the distribution of Bibles in our area. We are packaging up Gideon New Testaments with tracts, information about the church, and a few other trinkets to pass out in the community. We would love to see them enter into the homes of our neighbors and be able to open the way to start some community Bible studies.  Pray for God to bring fruit from our evangelism efforts.
  • For our 2019 outreach plans. As we said, our group of leaders is small and we ask for prayer to use our talents wisely for the Lord without causing burnout.
  • For our seminary student, Neyser. The year of classes has ended and he faces some opposition from his home church about returning next year. Pray for God's will to be done in his life.
  • For new opportunities. We have another seminary student, Elisban, who will be coming to do a year long internship with our church.  We also have another Peruvian, Jesus Talavera, interested in joining our team in February. Please pray for both of these men as they seek to serve the Lord alongside of us this coming year.
  • For our family. We are working on finding balance with home and ministry. Either one could easily fully absorb our time, and both desperately need our attention. Pray that we would keep our focus on the Lord and listen intently for His prompting in all things. The harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few!

May Christ be at the center of your Christmas this year!
Eric and Casandra Pardine
2 Timothy 2:2 

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