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Ministry in Pedasí with Sale Creek Baptist Church

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We had the privilige to serve with another group in July. Five people from Sale Creek Baptist Church were here July 21-28. We took them to Pedasí, which is about five hours from our house. Over the course of three days, this group was able to present the gospel to all of the students (about 250) in the elementary school and about 50 students in the high school. Many teachers were amazed that we would come so far to be in their school. Hearts were touched, and the local Baptist church has an open-door invitation to return to the school for further ministry. We praise the Lord for the sacrifice, preparation and hard work of this group!

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Left to Right: Emily (a great friend and fellow missionary here in Panamá), Emilee, Bailee, Jared, Shannon, Kaitlin, and Dolores (pastor of the church in Pedasí).
This photo was taken in the elementary school, and they are in front of some of the school supplies they brought to give to the kids.

Additionally, through their VBS, the children at Sale Creek Baptist Church raised $1,000 to buy school supplies for each student in the elementary school! It was awesome to meet a material need and to share the gospel with each student. Please pray the church in Pedasí will take advantage of the opportunities they now have to reach students for Jesus in the local schools. As a family, we go to Pedasí about every six weeks in order to work with this church, so we’ll continue to encourage and equip the pastor and the members of the church.

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Kids in kindergarten singing with the group.

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Rosa, a six-year old, with Kaitlin. Please pray for Rosa. She is deaf, but implants could possibly help her. However, the socialized health care system is slow and inadequate. Please pray she will receive both a quick and accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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The group with students in fourth grade.

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A second-grade boy and his classmates.

Thank you!

We never want to stop saying “thank you” for your prayers, encouragement and financial partnership with us. For us, it is a great honor and privilege to serve alongside you in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Requests for the Coming Weeks

• We look forward to another seminar in Rio Indio August 20-24. The topics will be Fasting, Family Ministry, and Church Finances. We are excited and thankful that Russ and Lynn Turner will be here for this seminar.

• The pastor of a local Baptist church, Moises Lopez, has asked Clip to teach Sunday School and preach on church finances on Sunday, August 26. After the service, there will be a meeting with some of the church leaders. (This is one of the churches with which Grace Church served in June, so it is evident that their ministry has helped us strengthen our ministry.)

• We continue with our regular discipleship meetings.

• Although it is a long process, we continue to work with the church in Rio Indio to help mobilize the Mora family as missionaries to the province of Bocas del Toro.


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