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Spring Update

Dear Friends,

After a season of rain and more rain here in Chattanooga, I am so relieved to see spring arrive with warmer weather and some green scenery! At times Spring and the Resurrection are synonymous to me signifying new life in Christ topped off with the hope of Heaven!! I love being assured of seeing my husband, mother, and father again throughout eternity...

This past week my mission board officially launched the new ministry of "Missionary Care" on their website! General information is included along with introduction and photos of those of us who will be involved. I have been challenged to offer resources on the web for missionaries to avail themselves in various areas where they may need help. So I am in the process of reading books and on the lookout for additional information that can assist our missions family. 

On a personal note I like to keep you updated on my family. Andrew, Crystal, and the girls are adapting well in Saudi Arabia despite many cultural differences. They will be returning to the States in July for some R & R. This will be a great time to catch up and enjoy my grandchildren! Please continue to keep Sam and Ashley in your prayers. After going to the hospital a few weeks ago, Sam underwent a feeding tube procedure as he wasn't getting enough nutrition. His breathing has dropped now and his speech is compromised. This is not a disease for the fainthearted. He and Ashley struggle to adapt to every stage yet show courage in the face of incredible challenges. Caleb and Anna are still teaching. However, Caleb has begun a new job as the Hospice and Palliative Care Chaplain for Oklahoma City. I had opportunity to visit them in January and hear Caleb preach. 

Thank you for your prayers and support. It encourages and keeps me going!


Angela Harper


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