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Missions At The Farm

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Greetings from Northeast Brazil!

We have started off well in 2019! Just like you we are amazed that we are already into 2019. We are grateful as we look back and consider the blessings of 2018. We thank the Lord for provision, safety, difficulty that taught us valuable lessons (some are mentioned in the prayer requests at end of this letter) and for His work in our lives and ministry.

Missions at the farm... 

One of the young ladies in our church is from a farm about 2 hours from our town. A while back we began discussing the idea of taking a group from our church out there to hold an evangelistic service. We were able to do that in October of 2018. It was a wonderful experience with many people present to hear the Gospel message. For many of them it was the first time they had ever heard the Gospel. We camped out for the night and the following morning had a children’s Bible club that was also a success.

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We were thrilled to hear a couple of months later that a young man, Pedro, had accepted Christ as a result of that night! We knew the seed had been planted but were so grateful to hear of Pedro’s decision to trust Christ (even if the news took a while to get to us). We are scheduled to go back on the weekend of January 26-27 to hold another service. This time we also expect God to do great things!

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We are looking forward to preaching the Gospel again and to serving the people of that community. Pray with us that God will bring forth fruit that remains. 

Church's 4th Anniversary

In November we celebrated the church’s 4th anniversary. We held a special service with several special songs by our people. We focused on four areas of growth that we are targeting for this year during that service. Afterward we celebrated with food and cake. We’re looking forward to what God will do throughout this next year as we focus on missions, discipleship, using our spiritual gifts and growing in holiness. 

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Barreiras Project - what's up next...

The foundation for the church building was completed a short while back. We’ve been trying to rebuild the fund for the next phase of construction. We recently held a “Feijoada" fundraiser. Feijoada is a traditional meal made with several different meats (including pig feet and tail and cow tongue) and black beans. The feet, tail & tongue are for flavor mostly but you can eat them if you want! We also want to give a praise for an offering received in the month of December. The $5,000.00 offering will allow us to jumpstart the next phase of building. Our goal is to have the shell of the building up by April because we have a construction team coming down. Our plan is to use block for all of the external walls and drywall for the interior walls. If we are able to get the block exterior walls completed and get a roof on then the team coming at the end of April will be a huge help with the drywall installation! If you’re interested in coming to help do some work on the building, please contact me!  

We would greatly appreciate any contribution that you could make! You may send in donations to our mission agency, clearly labeled "Josh Daniel - Barreiras Project" or give online by visiting and clicking on “Barreiras Project”. 

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We have friends who are involved in an on-going ministry at the city landfill where many families live in make-shift huts using plastic, cardboard and tin found from the landfill. Many of the men work there sorting through the trash and separating recyclables. Our church collected some clothing and toys and we joined our friends to take gifts to the kids there on Christmas Eve. Josh was able to present the Gospel to a room full of men, women and children. It was a great opportunity and we trust that God will perform His perfect will in their lives. 

daniel jan 19 5We held two Christmas cantatas this year. “The Miracle of Christmas” was a great presentation by the kids! We were greatly blessed with several visitors - including a couple of dads who came for the very first time. We rejoice that they were able to hear the Gospel and trust that God will give the increase. “Christmas has Arrived!” was the Adult Choir cantata and again we had many visitors. One of our choir member's neighbors came. They give her a lot of trouble with their late night parties most weekends. We went out for ice-cream with them afterward. And they came back again this Sunday night! They are very interested in the Gospel. 

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Prayer requests …

  • Follow up with visitors to our Christmas cantatas - especially Edmael, Juliana, Beto and Wellington. 
  • Salvation decisions at the evangelistic service at the farm and Pedro’s growth as a new Christian.  
  • We’ve had lots of car trouble. Since June 2018, nearly monthly repairs have been made. It’s been frustrating for a family of 8 when we need to borrow a vehicle. Please pray for mechanics to be able to discover the problem as we have paid for many repairs, including original parts ordered from the USA, without resolving the problem. (If you’re a diesel mechanic, I’d love to talk to you.) However, we’re learning patience and learning that there are always people in the Body of Christ willing to help!   

The enemy has worked his ruin in the marriage of some of our church leaders. It has been difficult for our church, but as a result we have been made aware that all of us must reinforce our commitment to God’s glory and obedience to His word. I still believe there is hope. Please pray for God’s healing and restoration.  

We send our love and appreciation to all!
A special thanks to all who sent Christmas offerings.  

Taking the Light of Christ to Brazil, 

The Daniel Family - Josh, Melissa, Troy, Eli, Alec, Joshua, Liam & Lívia

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