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The Wears are moving soon! It’s been an exciting past few months as we have watched God provide our needed support. We are now at 92% (hurray!) and our plan has been to move to Portugal the middle of August. We do have some things that need to be accomplished in order for this to happen and so we ask for your prayers in these specific areas:

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1. Genetic Testing. We have received the results for most of our family. It has been confirmed that David, Alaithia, and Zoe have Long QT Syndrome. Elijah does not have it but we are still waiting for Karis’ test to be completed. For some reason unknown to us, her test has been put on hold by our insurance company. Our genetic counselor is checking into this and we appreciate your prayers that first of all this test could be completed soon and that our Karis will not have LQTS.

2. Medication. Because at least half of our family has LQTS, we are in need of medication. So far, our children have responded well to this medication but we have been told that the specific drug that is best to treat LQTS may not be available in Portugal. God has richly blessed in giving us an amazing doctor here in America that not only has an incredible knowledge of LQTS but is willing to go the extra mile for us in tracking down a doctor who can treat our family when we arrive. He is currently trying to contact a specific doctor in Portugal who can help us figure out our needed medication.

3. Visas. We are still waiting for our FBI background checks (We sent them in the first week of April). Please pray that this is finished soon!

4. Partners. We still need 3 churches to partner with us at $150/mo. Because insurance is going to be more expensive than we had anticipated we need to be very close to 100%.

Thank you for your prayers. This past year has been challenging in many ways. It was hard to hear the news that at least 2 of our precious children have LQTS, a syndrome that took the life of Dave’s sister just about a year ago. But we are committed to Christ and following Him. Thank you all for being such an encouragement to us.


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