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Moving Forward

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MOVING FORWARD: We have learned over the years in Guyana to be thankful for movement in the right direction, even if it takes time.  Patience is a great virtue for our part of the world.  We have been reporting on the progress on our ministry property for more than a year now.  I am happy to say that we now have the property officially in our name – the only thing remaining is for me to come and put our official corporate seal on the paperwork!  The land had been vacant for more than a decade, but once we showed interest several “owners” showed up to claim their piece.  The rightful owner and I had copies of the original surveyors map dating back from the 1950’s, and other paperwork to back up our claim.  However, we had to let things play out.  We paid the extra to have the land resurveyed and, in the end, we have about 7.2 acres, which is more than we originally had anticipated.  We praise God for this victory and thank our ministry partners for praying!

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Pastor Paul and his wife Gladys are with the Warau (War-oh) people to share Christ.  The village has built this shelter so they can have church.  I have an open invite to this village, you may recall, from last summer when God healed a little girl.  Now the village is open and ready for the gospel!

THE BIG MOVE: Obviously we are all dealing with uncertainty.  With that in mind, we can only set a target date for our move to Guyana, which we expect to be around the 27th of May.  We know we will go with a skeleton budget and in need of a stronger support base, but the immediate future does not look to be a profitable time to develop those partnerships.  We have a full summer schedule of ministry activities, including our annual youth camp.  We can only hope that the fall may open up a few opportunities to strengthen our support base.


* Several new ministry partners came on board this quarter.

* Good meetings for potential partnerships in Ohio, New Jersey, North Carolina, and all over Florida.

* Ministry in Guyana poised to grow with open doors in 3 new villages.

* Forced cancellation of building teams coming creating some uncertainties and large additional expenses to get our building projects underway.

* Unrest in Guyana due to a contested Presidential election that was held on March 2nd.

* Uncertainty about a path forward to raise additional project funding and monthly support – need God’s wisdom and blessing on how to proceed.

* Josh and Josiah making positive steps forward in their personal/spiritual journey.  John is deployed in a “challenging” location.  We see God working in all three of our young men!

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