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Never Say Never - The DeLand Family - July 2017

Delands blog post

Dear family, friends, and faithful supporters,

Somebody once told me that you should not use the word "never" when speaking to God because He has an interesting way of turning our "never" into a reality. 

The first time I visited the small town of Ayavirí with our good friend Chris Harris, I automatically knew that we could never live there. After living in the capital city of Lima for so many years, Heather and I were comfortable and could never see our family living in a small Andean village. After experiencing the 6 hour journey on a narrow, (sometimes one lane road with no guardrail) bumpy, pothole-filled road, I told Chris that there was no way I would ever drive up to Ayavirí.

Never say never!

A little over a year later from that first trip and we are finding ourselves moving up to Ayavirí in mid-August to serve with the Harris family. In fact, God recently provided us with a vehicle thanks to a generous family in the states and by God's grace, a month ago, I made my first trip up and down the mountain. So, how did all of this come about?

To make a long story short, a few months ago, God began clearly closing different college ministries here in Lima and simultaneously giving us a deeper burden for the people of Ayavirí. Although it didn't make any sense humanly speaking, we can look back and see how God orchestrated every detail to lead us up to Ayavirí and we are excited about what He has for us there. We will be sending more details about what ministry will look like up there in a future update. 

We also said we would never have more than two kids and number 3 is on his/her way in January of next year! We, along with the kids, are thrilled about the baby, but covet your prayers as we will face transitions over the next few months. 

Deland july 1

Never say never!

Thanks for your love, support, and encouragement!

Daniel, Heather, Esther, Joseph, and baby
Psalm 90:12

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