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New Bibles for New Christians

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As you all prepare for heat waves and BBQ's, we are bundling up and preparing for cold, wet church services in the mountains. We are excited about the cold weather, what God did this month, and sharing it all with you.

Our new candidating pastor, Augustine, has been preaching now for a month. The people are warming to him and enjoy hearing a Peruvian preach behind the pulpit. His responsibilities will begin to increase as he grows more accustomed to his new role.

On Agustin's second week preaching, the Holy Spirit spoke to me during the service, as He does many times, and told me that a young man that was in service was under conviction. Once service was over, I sprang up to talk to him, but was intercepted by other members needing help. I helped them and made my way over to Jorge, the young man under conviction. As I sat down, Agustin told me he had just led Jorge to Christ. Praise God for clear leading of the Holy Spirit and men of God that will listen.

Jorge was not the only person to be saved this month, but he was the first to receive a brand new Bible thanks to all those that gave to help us buy them. We have received all the fund we need to stock the church with all the materials we were hoping for. We were overwhelmed by so many who had the desire to help. Thank you to those who gave.

The Lord continue opening doors and giving us opportunities this past month. As Teresa and I were returning from a visit to the doctor, we passed a woman, crying under a street light. The Holy Spirit tugged on my wife's heart and she stopped beside her to pray with her. After a moment, she beckoned me over to share the gospel. Maria had been the victim of domestic abuse. We shared the gospel with her and she accepted Christ. We then helped her find a place to stay as her home was not safe. We are still talking with her and trying to help her grow. Please pray for Maria and her entire situation.

One Wednesday, we were having a rough go of things as a family. That same Wednesday night, a faithful member of the church and his wife did not feel well but heard of our struggle and decided to “encourage Pastor” by going to church anyways. That same night, another wonderful church member brought a new friend, Olivia, who was seeking answers. After service, our dear brother and his wife were able to give those answers that Olivia was seeking to find and she accepted Christ as her Savior. She was thrilled to receive her first Bible as well. Sometimes we do not want to do something simple like go to church, but sometimes those are the moments we really get to see God work.

We begin English classes next month after our visitation time. This new push for visitation has already seen fruit of its labor and we are thankful to see God work. We still have our challenges and your prayers are coveted. Please join us in asking for power and for Christ's presence to fill our lives, church, and town. Again, thank you for all your support in prayer and finances. We could do none of this without you.

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