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New Look From The Old Book

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NEW LOOK FROM THE OLD BOOK: Like many people in these uncertain times I found myself distracted and anxious about the future. Wendy and I were not immune to the sudden fallout from the global pandemic. As the work was wrapping up on our ministry property in Guyana, we saw our “war chest” quickly vanish with costs more than triple our initial estimates. The church teams who were to come to build for us were forced to cancel, driving up costs for construction. Weekly church meetings in the US shut down immediately, shutting off our short-term income and support raising opportunities. Economic uncertainties have brought doubts upon prospects to raise funds for our move and setup costs in Guyana, as well as future openings for raising support for the foreseeable future. In complete transparency, I was letting all of this get to me.

So, what has changed? We are still in a travel ban and unable to get to Guyana. The virus has begun to hit our people in the remote regions of Guyana. Our monthly support commitments are below what they should be and set-up costs for home and ministry are still in question. The positive change in my spirit came from “a new look from an old book.” (Some of the old timers will remember that little chorus)! I was in my office doing some work when I came across my old Bible. This Bible is almost 30 years old, worn and tattered – full of old notes and old memories. This is the Bible I held when I surrendered my life to missions in 1991. This is the Bible I studied from as I went through college. This is the Bible I used when I planted my first church. This is the Bible I used when we moved to Guyana, its power has brought the name “Jesus” to many for the first time. Maybe its most important role, this is the Bible I used to lead my three boys to Christ!

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The pages of the old Bible are well-traveled, torn, and many are falling out. Outward appearances of this Bible are unimpressive, but its presence was able to give me one more message in the form of a question, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?”

“Is anything too hard for the Lord?” More than 20 years ago God took my wife and me, with all our flaws and shortcomings, and has used us for his glory. Hundreds have turned to Christ, churches have been planted, leaders have been developed, villages have been changed – how did this happen? God did it – and he will do it again!
“Is anything too hard for the Lord?” The answer – a resounding NO! Are churches struggling in this “new normal?” Of course, they are. Are pastors and church leaders concerned with the myriad of challenges they face in this current environment? Again, yes. Through it all – nothing is too hard for the Lord!
“Is anything too hard for the Lord?” Easter is our reminder that nothing is too hard for the Lord. Crucifixion day brought a heavy fog of sorrow and uncertainty across world. The disciples stood confused, broken hearted, weeping, and maybe even disillusioned. Jesus had died, but is anything too hard for the Lord? Within 72 hours of Jesus’ death, the world for all time and eternity witnessed an eternal truth, that not even the grave could suppress – nothing is too hard for the Lord! What are you struggling with today? Remember, nothing is too hard for the Lord!

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