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Newness of Life

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"Raised to Walk in Newness of Life" reads the shirt inscription that we printed on twenty-two baptism shirts amost exactly one year ago. Although there had already been several people baptized in the first two years of the church plant, last year as we prepared to baptize a few more, we took a step of faith, trusting that God would help us use all of those shirts in the next year. As of the last Sunday in April, we officially ran out of shirts. We were excited to baptize three new believers (Elmer, Exy, & Carla) that began coming to church and accepted Christ during our 40 days of prayer campaign! We were also deeply moved to see several children of church members believe and make the faith their own. One of the best parts of all of this for me as a missionary is just HOW we baptise. One of the unique things we do here is to invite the person who was the most key in leading that person to Christ to participate in baptizing them along with the pastor. This is an amazing experience that helps activate the believer's faith and make them part of the great commission (which was given to followers of Christ). It was also very special to see some of the kids' fathers help baptize their own children and pray a blessing over them after they come out of the water. After this exciting baptism service, a woman named Domenica came to visit my wife for counseling and also received Christ as her personal Savior that same day. In her own words she "will be next through the water!"

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No matter how special and exciting it is to see God's fruit in ministry, the absolute best thing for me is to see it in our very first ministry---our family. One thing I have learned (through many mistakes) is the absolute importance of ministering to my family first. We have invested a lot of energy in making some drastic changes in order to prioritize this in recent months. We are excited to see how God has been at work in our own children's lives.

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Our second son, Caleb, had accepted Jesus as his Sacior several months back. Although he was interested in getting baptized, we were very careful to wait on him and let him make the decision himself. When he heard there was going to be a baptism class, he instisted on coming! Baptizing him was truly one of the most special moments of our lives. We thank God for Caleb's special heart and love for God and all his creation. Our prayer is that his faith will continue to grow as the connects more and more with the Father and is guided by the Spirit. 

This month we have two specific financial/prayer needs. We want you to please pray for them both and consider how you can be a part of them.

First, our van is in need of some repairs. This has been a great ministry tool, but the truth is that all the hauling buiding supplies and equiment, the mountain roads, and the Lima traffic have taken their toll. We were in TWO accidents recently that have smashed the car pretty bad. The van desperately needs about $3,000 worth of repairs in order to get it back in shape for the next couple of years. 

Second, ministry training seminar. We have been praying for months about going to a TWO WEEK traning seminar in Bogota, Columbia with Family Foundations International. This will be a great opportunity to build us up Spiritually as a fmaily, as well as to learn powerful tools to benefit the ministry here. We would travel with all of our children to this. We need about $3,500 in order to but the plane tickets and cover the other expenses for this training. 

Please consider how you could be a part of these projects! You are a key part of this ministry!

Blessings in Christ,

The Wollbrink Family


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